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My Tiger My Timing – On My Record Player (Demo)

I guess that putting My Tiger My Timing on my “Best of 2009” list got me on their good side so now I’m lucky enough to get updates on their latest goings directly to my inbox 제트콜. A couple of weeks ago they gave me a heads up that they had posted a demo of their new track “On My Record Player” on their SoundCloud site Download Hotel Deluna 4. If they’re able to crank out demos that sound this good, I can’t wait for any kind of full length that I’m guessing is currently in the works 창작마당.

[audio:|titles=On My Record Player (Demo)|artists=My Tiger My Timing]

Download: My Tiger My Timing – On My Record Player (Demo)

Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs – Split Cassette

Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs
Split Cassette

I picked up this cassette at the very first YoYo A GoGo in 1994 (wow, 15 years ago, amazing) 이별밖에. It was the first time I had seen either band, but I was particularly impressed with Long Hind Legs at the festival. I’m not sure about the Kicking Giant track names since they are just listed as one song “Hotbox” on the cassette, but they are 4 distinct tracks, so I broke them up good lock 다운로드.

1. KG-Hotbox (Part 1)
2. KG-Hotbox (Part 2)
3. KG-Hotbox (Part 3)
4. KG-Hotbox (Part 4)
5. LHL-The Metal Sky
6 토토 브라우져 2. LHL-36.
7. LHL-Sodafine

Sample: [audio:|titles=The Metal Sky|artists=Long Hind Legs]

Download: Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs – Split Cassette – 108 MB

Birdland – Go West (Demo)

If I was compiling my Top 10 list of the 2000’s, Celebration’s “The Modern Tribe” would be up there near the top Download Hatz of Iron4. Even though I had heard earlier bands that were virtually the same line up (Jaks, Love Life), none of those have excited me quite like Celebration 커츠펠 스팀. I was bored, searching around the interwebs and finally came across someone who had posted the demo from their pre-Celebration/post-Love Life iteration, Birdland Download Hot Summer Knights. Though not nearly as good as any of the 4ad releases, the tracks are still more innovative and thought out than any of their previous attempts.

[audio:|titles=Go West (Demo) (Live)|artists=Birdland]

Download: Birdland – Go West (Demo)

The Monday Set: The Fishcats (Pre-HNIA) – Boneless Macaroni Demo

ios11 beta2 다운로드

The Fishcats
Boneless Macaroni Demo

This was on Side 2 of a cassette that I had which had the His Name Is Alive “Riotousness & Postrophe” Demo 윈도우 7 한글 무료. The HNIA “Early Music Vol 1.” which included that demo is from 1985-1989, so this must be Warren Defever pre-1985 빅샤크 다운로드. I have absolutely no idea on the track listing.

1-11. Unknown

[audio:|titles=Unknown Track|artists=Fishcats]

Download: The Fishcats (Pre-HNIA) – Boneless Macaroni Demo – 140 MB

The Monday Set: Eyes Of Fluth – Cigarilla (Demo)

Eyes Of Fluth
Cigarilla (Demo)

It’s a rare occasion when you can’t find anything about a band on the web, but that’s the case with Eyes Of Fluth Download geozebra. A Google search only comes up with one reference, which is something that I posted over at The Rapid City Punk Rock Archive (which, if you haven’t visited, it’s an amazing resource of late ’80s/early 90’s punk rock) Download the keyboard piano. I saw this Sioux Falls, SD band play live in 1990 and I distinctly remember them. Many years later, a friend of mine made me a copy of their demo. It’s a great example of late-80s punk rock when songs were simple, everyone played through Crate amps, and homemade 4-track demo cassettes were all the rage geotools 다운로드.

1. Unhinged
2. Premature Burial
3. Overture of Death
4. Planted Seed
5. Acid Splash
6. Tear Down The Wall
7 Timspeake. Brain Meltdown
8. Elvis Is Dead
9. George of the Jungle

[audio:|titles=Elvis is Dead (Live)|artists=Eyes of Fluth]

Download: Eyes Of Fluth – Cigarilla (Demo) – 158 MB

The Pulsars – Capsule (Demo)

Last week I got a request for the entire show that I had recorded of The Pulsars playing at Silverlake Lounge Download The Hunger Games Mockingjay. In exchange I got a .zip file full of rare Pulsars tracks including this one. Apparently this was one of the demos from the lost record that was recorded but got lost in their major label scuffle 팟빵 자동. When I saw them at the Silverlake Lounge they mentioned they were only playing songs from their first released record, I’m curious if they played anything from the unreleased record when they played The Troubadour a month or so later 환율계산기.
[audio:|titles=Capsule (Demo)|artists=The Pulsars]
Download: The Pulsars – Capsule (Demo)

Cap’n Jazz – Oh Messy Life (Live Video)

트위터 앱

[flv: 426 320]

Cap’n Jazz – Oh Messy Life
Wil-Mar Center
Madison, WI

Besides their very first 7″, I never liked Cap’n Jazz Download the subtitles for Lion King 2019. But everyone else that I know does, so here’s a post to satisfy the masses. I even gave their cover of “Take On Me” another listen last night thinking I might change my mind and now find it charming Download Wizard of Legends. Nope.

Download: Cap’n Jazz – Oh Messy Life (Live Video)


The Monday Set/Demo: The Attica Underground – Cassette Demo

The Attica Underground
Cassette Demo

I had a request for this post nearly a year ago and I’m finally getting around to converting this to CD Download lounge music. I try and post a live recording from my collection, but today I’m going with a demo instead. The Attica Underground put out one 7″ on Counterfeit Records in ’97, so I’m guessing that this demo was recorded in 1996 신 하야리가미. Members of this band ended up playing in The Book Of Dead Names, The Cardinal Sin, Cadillac Blindside, The Spirit of Versailles, and I’m sure many other bands that I can’t remember Download various icons.

As soon as I listened to the first track I remembered that china boy cymbal that Rebecca used to have because she uses it liberally on this recording vm웨어 10 다운로드. I constantly made fun of that thing, so when I heard it, I had to laugh. Besides that damn cymbal throughout the demo, it holds up pretty well. Especially the first song which I posted as the sample track securecrt 한글 다운로드. They seemed to forget to list the name of two of the tracks on the cover so I’ve listed them as “Unknown Track.” It could be that the cassette that I ended up with accidentally had one of the pages of the insert cut off chrome extension.

Set List:
1. Unknown Track
2. Unknown Track
3. 77th Encounter
4. The Fountain Pen Conspiracy
5. Counting Four-Thirds
6 셧다운. Felix Complex

[audio:|titles=Unknown Track (Demo)|artists=Attica Underground]

Download: The Attica Underground – Cassette Demo – 76 MB

FischerSpooner – We Need A War (Live Audio/Video)

[flv: 426 320]

It seems that FischerSpooner are thumping around again 그리고 안녕 다운로드. They have a few singles available on eMusic and appear to have an album coming soon. That is good news to these ears. Back in 2000 they injected a much needed infusion of sophisticated humor into the indie rock scene via the electro-clash conduit Download xpenoboot. Their initial performances were avant-garde dance electro-trash pop happenings consisting of large stage set-ups, a gaggle of wicked Juilliard trained dancers but to (ahem) largely canned music Alderdown 4. Their on-stage sense of theatrical flash, snarky humor, digs on pop music tropes and rock performance bravado were genius in my book but probably missed by anyone outside of New York Download the linux file. By and large the critics totally missed the point too, which I didn’t think possible.

By the time their second album came out, they sadly dumped much of the avant-garde stage antics, ditched the post-modern lampoons, and performed as a proper straight-up rock outfit and toured the typical rock venue circuit 고화질 이미지 다운로드. I certainly appreciated the “live” aspect but I have to ask; “Why not at least keep the dancers?”. Dancing babes are sorely missed in indie-rock 엄마 까투리. Why does pop drivel purveyors like JT, Britney Spears, etc have a monopoly on dancers? FischerSpooner was able to resolve this decades-on dilemma and I, for one, was hoping that it would spread like wild-fire xilinx fpga 다운로드. This is a video clip of the 2005 high-camp live Halloween show they did that was a one-off return (albeit in reduced numbers) of the dancers.

Also notable is that this song was co-written by the late great Susan Sontag right before she died 일러스트 레이터 cc 2017.

Since this clip is partial and camera work is spotty at best, mp3 is included.

Download: FischerSpooner – We Need A War (Live Audio)

Download: FischerSpooner – We Need A War (Live Video)

The Glove – Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)

My absolute favorite of all The Cure re-releases has been Blue Sunshine by The Glove 4 downloads of Kang Restaurant 2. As much as I like the tracks as they are, my favorite songs off the original were the ones sung by Robert Smith. So when the re-released disc came out, I was thrilled that they included not only “new” old songs, but also the demos that Robert sang on 데드 스페이스. This song was originally sung by Budgie’s (drummer of Siouxsie and The Creatures) girlfriend and former dancer, Jeanette Landray 프레디 피자 가게 1.
[audio:|titles=Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)|artists=The Glove]
Download: The Glove – Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)