Eyes Of Fluth
Cigarilla (Demo)

It’s a rare occasion when you can’t find anything about a band on the web, but that’s the case with Eyes Of Fluth. A Google search only comes up with one reference, which is something that I posted over at The Rapid City Punk Rock Archive (which, if you haven’t visited, it’s an amazing resource of late ’80s/early 90’s punk rock). I saw this Sioux Falls, SD band play live in 1990 and I distinctly remember them. Many years later, a friend of mine made me a copy of their demo. It’s a great example of late-80s punk rock when songs were simple, everyone played through Crate amps, and homemade 4-track demo cassettes were all the rage.

1. Unhinged
2. Premature Burial
3. Overture of Death
4. Planted Seed
5. Acid Splash
6. Tear Down The Wall
7. Brain Meltdown
8. Elvis Is Dead
9. George of the Jungle

[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2008/20080929/EOF-ElvisIsDead.mp3|titles=Elvis is Dead (Live)|artists=Eyes of Fluth]

Download: Eyes Of Fluth – Cigarilla (Demo) – 158 MB


  1. Hi. I was the singer for EOF. It is strange to see it posted after all this time. Thanks for the kind words about us, it was a fun time.

  2. Wow
    Took all these years but Eyes finally made the big time. Hey punk fans, whats up? Jon good to see you to recall the fun.
    I was the guitarist for EOF and the dope who braided all of his hair for the Rapid City gig that weekend. Man did I get the funny looks, but thats what it was about. Have’n a good time and make’n people think. I recall Painful X put us up in their pad for the night and had a party. Man the Rapid crew back then knew how to have a good time.
    If anyone is interested in EOF I’d love to answer questions or just shoot the breeze. Email me at bheg@msn.com
    Keep it real Punkers!!!!!!!!

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