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As regular readers of TSOI have noticed, there haven’t been any updates to this site in quite some time. The proliferation of smartphones, tiny cameras, live streaming videos, multi-cam live recordings, etc Download Samsung One Font ttf. has made the collection, archiving and sharing of new recordings a bit tougher to do on an individual blog. One thing that has been done, thanks to a handful of tapes that were sitting around for 7 years, is the creation of a The Sound Of Indie YouTube channel which you can visit HERE 일대종사. As I personally convert stuff “to the cloud”, I hope to put more DVDs up on YouTube. Right now there’s a treasure trove of early 2000s era Dischord/D.C 캐논 코리아. area bands and shows but look for more as we get time. So feel free to browse the TSOI archives, but going forward you’ll find most things shared on our YouTube Channel Free download of The Agape Easy Bible.

The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – Los Angeles – 3/14/11

Peter Murphy Live

Peter Murphy
Mayan Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this year I caught Peter Murphy at the Mayan here in Los Angeles Download sunflower mr. It was the first time I had ever been to that venue. It was also the first time I had ever caught Peter Murphy solo. As a long time fan of Bauhaus et al., it was never in the cards for me to see Peter Murphy solo before 언어팩. Despite the self deprecating jokes throughout the set, he still puts on a great show. I would have to say I actually enjoyed it more than any of the Bauhaus reunion shows I’ve attended download qtwebkit4.dll. As a special treat for those in attendance, he honored a special request for a newly married couple and played a song you don’t hear any many (any?) other solo sets on this tour, Bauhaus’ All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Download the officer and gentleman. I’ve included that as the sample below.

1. Intro
2. Low Room
3 Dongle Dongle Halong this. Velocity Bird
4. Peace To Each
5. Raw Power (Iggy & The Stooges)
6. Disappearing
7. Silent Hedges (Bauhaus)
8. Burning From the Inside (Bauhaus song)
9 레옹 자막 다운로드. I’ll Fall With Your Knife
10. Subway
11. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
12. Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem
13. The Prince & Old Lady Shade
14 바둑게임 다운로드. Stigmata Martyr (Bauhaus)
15. Uneven & Brittle

16. A Strange Kind Of Love/Bela Lugosi’s Dead
17. She’s In Parties (Bauhaus)
18 폭발음. Cuts You Up
19. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Bauhaus)

Encore 2:
Missing: Too Much 21st Century

Download: Peter Murphy – Los Angeles – 3/14/11 – 549 MB

Sample: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Live)
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The Monday Set: Bear In Heaven – Katowice – 8/8/10

Bear In Heaven
Off Festival
Katowice, Poland

I was a day behind in getting this “Monday Set” posted, but hopefully it was worth the wait 촉한부흥전. Here’s a fantastic live Bear In Heaven recording that I traded for last year. It was the first date of their fall/winter tour which spanned nearly four months TapSonic Chinese version apk. They’ve played a handful of dates here and there since that tour, but none near Los Angeles. Here’s hoping the lack of tour dates is due to a forthcoming album Full download of Windows 10.

1. Beast In Peace
2. Ultimate Satisfaction
3. Wholehearted Mess
4 지도 구글. Fake Out
5. Dust Cloud
6. Lovesick Teenagers
7. Deafening Love
8. Drug A Wheel
9. You Do You
10. Casual Goodbye
11 Firebird. Lovesick (Lindstrom & Christabelle Cover)

Download: Bear In Heaven – Katowice – 8/8/10 – 297 MB

Sample: You Do You (Live)
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The Monday Set: Bauhaus – Wiesbaden – 11/28/81

Wartburg Club
Weisbaden, Germany

For 30 plus (yeah 30!) years, Peter Murphy has been one of the most captivating front-men in show business Download the google play store. I recently took my wife to her first Peter Murphy concert and even though she knew next to nothing about his solo work short of “Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem” she walked away even more captivated by the performance than I did, a fan of over 20 years 솔루션스.

Peter Murphy’s new record “Ninth” comes out today in the UK and tomorrow in the US. The full record can be streamed right now from the fantastic Slicing Up Eyeballs and I can say, it’s a pretty fantastic record 스마트폰 네이버 영상.

Now a little bit about this recording. Recorded in Germany in 1981, Bauhaus were wrapping up their “Mask” European tour. It’s an audience recording from the early ’80s, so there’s a ton of tape hiss, but you can still hear the brilliant live show the band must have put on for what was a small crowd judging by the amount of applause 해리포터 아즈카반의 죄수.

1. Intro/The Passion Of Lovers
2. In The Flat Field
3. Silent Hedges
4 Download Seven Star Electric. In Fear Of Fear
5. Of Lillies And Remains
6. Dancing
7. Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
8. Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Cut)
9 calibri 다운로드. Hair Of The Dog
10. Mask
11. The Man With X-Ray Eyes (Slow Version)
12. Kick In The Eye
13. Hollow Hills
14. Stigmata Matyr
15 Download naver photos. Dark Entries

Download: Bauhaus – Weisbaden – 11/28/81 – 214 MB

Sample: The Man With X-Ray Eyes (Slow Version) (Live)
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Burning Hearts – Into The Wilderness

태양의 후예 7회

Burning Hearts put out one of my favorite records in 2009 and they are finally back with a brand new EP out on Shelflife Records 영화 사자. The 4 song EP is a little more mellow than their previous record, but the Finnish duo manage to squeeze in one rocker at the end. The track Into The Wilderness picks up with the same catchy sound that I was so fond of on their debut album and is a great taste of what to expect from their upcoming sophomore album chrome nextpot videos.

Download: Burning Hearts – Into The Wilderness

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The Monday Set: Joy Division – Leeds – 9/8/79

Joy Division
Queen’s Hall
Leeds, UK

TSOI is finally back E-Government Framework 3.7! And to correspond with Peter Hook’s new release today we’re posting a vintage Joy Division show to hopefully cleanse the palate. This audience recording was originally released as the bootleg “All God’s Angels Beware” which combined this show with the July 27th, 1979 Blackpool gig Colonia.

1. I Remember Nothing
2. Wilderness
3. Transmission
4. Colony
5. Disorder
6. Insight
7 n스토어 다운로드. Shadowplay
8. She’s Lost Control
9. Atrocity Exhibition
10. Dead Souls

Download: Joy Division – Leeds – 9/8/79 – 259 MB

Sample: Colony (Live)
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TSOI On 3 Week Hiatus*


The Sound Of Indie will be on a short 3 week hiatus*. Instead of giving you your fix of the best in live and rare indie music, 25% of the site will be traipsing around Eastern Europe trying to “Find Ourselves” gapps 다운로드. If any readers are in Vienna, Prague or Salzberg, hit us up in the comments with must see suggestions on concerts or museums. See you mid-May.

* There’s the off chance we may not be able to help ourselves and will have a couple of posts up in the meantime, but we’re covering our asses just in case 헬스케어.

The Monday Set: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11

Raphael Saadiq
Grammy Museum Clive Davis Theater
Los Angeles, CA

I heard about a special Raphael Saadiq “American Express Card Holders Only” BS show that was going on at the Grammy Museum the day tickets were going on sale 층간소음. Trying my luck, I busted out my corporate card (the only AmEx I have) and prayed to the Ticketmaster gods I would be one of the chose ones. As luck, and a $19 service fee would have it, I got through Download the hymn ppt. For my effort, we were treated to a special Q&A session and then a short set featuring tracks off the forthcoming record in a very intimate 200 person theater CPR video. The downside is that they had about 7 people watching the crowd to make sure you weren’t taking pictures or recording the set. I set my recorder on the floor, so the quality of this recording pretty much sucks, but I figured I would share it anyway Assassin's Book. I can’t speak for the other 198 people who were there, but we thought it was an amazing evening.

1. Heart Attack
2 fine 다운로드. Radio
3. Day Dreams
4. Just Don’t
5. Stone Rollin’
6. Good Man

Download: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11 – 146 MB

Sample: Heart Attack (Live)
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The Monday Set: Air Miami – San Francisco – 10/11/94

Air Miami
The Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco, CA

Here’s one of the better live Air Miami recordings I’ve come across Download Kim Yun-ah's voice. It was recorded in San Francisco during the ’94 Teen Beat Circus tour which also featured a special one-off performance by Cath Carroll Download ninjago games.

1. Stop Sign
2. Bubble Shield
3. Neely
4. Pucker
5. Airplane Rider
6. Special Angel
7 Download Sibelius. Adidas My Ass
8. I Hate Milk

Download: Air Miami – San Francisco – 10/11/94 – 172 MB

Sample: Airplane Rider (Live)
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The Stone Roses: Here It Comes (Live Video)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayer” file=”” plugins=”/jwPlayer/viral.swf” viral.title = “The Stone Roses: Here It Comes””3-11-11″ viral.description=”First off I have to get this out of the way love yourself in seoul 다운로드. I cannot believe this was recorded nearly 30 years ago. Though their debut album which rocketed them into fame didn’t come out for another 4 years after this was recorded””The Sound Of Indie” viral.functions=”share, embed, info”]

Here It Comes
The Hacienda
Manchester, UK

First off I have to get this out of the way 황금나침반. I cannot believe this was recorded nearly 30 years ago. Though their debut album which rocketed them into fame didn’t come out for another 4 years after this was recorded, the track sounds really polished and close to it’s final form Bell Pepperstarter.

Download: The Stone Roses: Here It Comes (Live Video)