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The Monday Set: Acid House Kings – New York City – 7/8/06

Photo Taken From The Always Great Bradley’s Almanac

Acid House Kings
Cake Shop
New York City, NY

Acid House Kings released a new single earlier this month and have a brand spanking new LP set to drop later this month Legal download of Korean Broadcasting. One of TSOI’s writers (Avalanche) caught Acid House Kings on their last US tour nearly 5 years ago. Here’s a recording of one of their two NYC dates back in 2006 네임드 사다리 분석기 다운로드.

Download: Acid House Kings – New York City – 7/8/06 – 164 MB

Sample: Yes 지저스 크라이스트 수퍼스타! You Love Me (Live)
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In the past couple of months there has been an outbreak of schools selling, or attempting to sell, their college radio broadcast license Download Girls' Day. In the wake of budget cuts and other effects from a downturned economy, the universities which oversee these stations have realized they are sitting on potentially millions of dollars Download IonFlux. The University of San Francisco recently sold their KUSF broadcast license and Vanderbilt University’s WRVU is currently on the chopping block 홀로그램 영상. It’s a continuing trend which absolutely must stop.

I will tell you upfront that a few of the writers for TSOI are Vanderbilt University and WRVU alumni, but I am not one of them 알려줘. When visiting Nashville in the mid-90’s I remember tuning into WRVU and hearing tracks from the recently released Rocket From The Crypt album Scream, Dracula, Scream 제로의 사역마 게임! before catching their sold out show later that evening. I can guarantee that no other Nashville station would have been playing RFTC that day and that’s what I love about college radio Download it to Gengo. Having a yearly operating budget that is often less than the cost of running a single ad on a commercial station gives you the freedom to feature a much more diverse range of artists than their commercial counterparts mkl.

As a writer for a music site, I’m constantly bombarded with new music sent to my inbox so I no longer listen to the radio that often. But I am in the minority Melon top100 for week 3 of December. Nearly 90% of the population still listens to radio on a daily basis. When I do find myself surfing the dial, I always end up at the local college station (KSPC 88.7) opposed to the other local indie “The Smiths on the hour, every hour” stations Download hy....

I can definitively say that this website would not exist without college radio. Not only did college radio mold my musical tastes and world view, it was also my first experience in volunteer coordination, event planning, budget writing, fundraising and dealing with an advisory board 롤 무한 다운로드. I’ve found the skills I gained from working and volunteering for a college radio station much more useful than the ones I received from my completed Psychology degree. Adopting the less popular/more expensive “online-only” broadcast format would greatly diminish the quality of the volunteer experience and do an extreme disservice to the student bodies of these universities.

To find out more about the Save WRVU campaign, check out Also, be sure to “Like” the Save WRVU page on Facebook.


The Monday Set: Magic Bullets – Los Angeles – 2/19/11

Magic Bullets
Origami Vinyl
Los Angeles, CA

On a last minute whim we decided to check out San Francisco’s Magic Bullets‘ instore performance at Origami Vinyl a couple of weekends ago 파이썬 웹 페이지. I wasn’t that familiar with the band and had only heard a few tracks streamed from MySpace, but since it was a free show we had nothing to lose 파리의 도둑고양이.

I flat out loved their sound! A nice mixture of C86 80’s alt rock bands grabbing liberally from Close Lobsters and The Mighty Lemon Drops 개별곡 다운로드. This live recording includes a few tracks that I recognized, plus a few that will be making it to vinyl in the not too distant future.

Download: Magic Bullets – Los Angeles – 2/19/11 – 182 MB

Sample: Laying Around (Live)
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Oh Land: Sun Of A Gun (Live)

There’s been a ton of hype surrounding Oh Land this past month and I have to admit that I’ve gotten caught up in it Download The SuperPower Kikaio. Earlier this month we headed over to The Echo in Los Angeles to check out an early evening show they performed the day after their LA debut at The Troubadour 자바 eclipse. Though I can’t say they are my favorite live act, the duo put on a lively show for the small, very appreciative crowd.

A technical note about this recording Download the loadview. I’ve been holding out on getting a new digital recorder to replace out my trusty old mini-disc/Shure SM57. Finally this past X-mas I received a Blue Mikey for the iPhone Download Mapado. Despite the annoyance of it’s incompatibility with the new iPhone 4, it’s a damn slick device. Simply plug the tiny mic into your iPhone 3 or 3G, fire up the free BlueFire app and you’re ready to go Spokane Sans. But there is one caveat to this recording. I’ve lamented time and time again on this blog about the horrible sound at The Echo. In the case of this Oh Land show, the sound was so ear-splittingly loud I can still vividly recall the pain in my ears while listening to this track Download Google Chrome videos. Despite a few pops picked up due to the poor sound at the venue, I was really happy with the quality of this recording on my new rig’s virgin recording Download iptime router.

Download: Oh Land: Sun Of A Gun (Live)

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The Monday Set: Los Cincos – Los Angeles – 12/4/95

Los Cincos
Los Angeles, CA

After the split of seminal hardcore band Honeywell, 2 members went on to form One Eyed Richard and The Goddamn Liars Download Windows 10 Korean language pack. After one 12″ release, One Eyed Richard changed their name to the moniker Los Cincos and continued to put out releases for the next 5 years Download the song that has flowed. This recording has a couple tracks from the early One Eyed Richard days, plus quite a few that I don’t recognize from what I’m guessing ended up later on various 7″s 레드벨벳 전곡 다운로드.

Track listing:
1. Pop-A-Wheelie
2. Unknown Track
3. Unknown Track
4. Unknown Track
5 주연테크 드라이버. Unknown Track
6. Unknown Track
7. Unknown Track
8. Unknown Track
9. Unknown Track

Download: Los Cincos – Los Angeles – 12/4/95 – 155 MB

Sample: Pop-A-Wheelie (Live)
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Pussycat Trash: Doris

When talking about the UK riot grrrl scene, it was all about Huggy Bear, but for my money I always preferred Pussycat Trash Download Dragon Taming 1 Korean subtitles. Although they never had the notoriety and fan base of Huggy Bear, their output between ’92-’95 was unmatched. I think what always appealed to me was that they took their influences not only from the same garage rock bands as everyone else, but also from the C86 scene which gave them a much more unique sound than some of their other contemporaries Download Zlotok apk.

A note about this recording. The Pussycat Trash discography “The Brat Years” was released in 2001, but this track doesn’t come from that disc 덱스트. Instead it’s a recording I made directly from my copy of “Some Hearts Paid To Lie”, a 2X7″ that features Pussycat Trash, Linus, Comet Gain and Skinned Teen Doosi Escape Cult Show. I swear it sounds better to me than the recording that was released on the discography. Not just because it’s a little louder, but the guitars have some extra “highs” which seem to be missing on the compressed cd recording Download the homepage.

Download: Pussycat Trash: Doris

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Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero (Live Video)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayer” file=”” plugins=”/jwPlayer/viral.swf” viral.title = “Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero””1-26-11″ viral.description=”It’s day 3 of Riot Grrrl week here at TSOI: If you have read Sara Marcus’s book Girls To The Front she refers to Bikini Kill throughout and this show specifically hack font 다운로드. One of 15 acts to play that night, Bikini Kill from all accounts, wowed the huge crowd. ””The Sound Of Indie” viral.functions=”share, embed, info”]

Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero
International Pop Underground Convention
Olympia, WA

If you have read Sara Marcus’s book “Girls To The Front” she refers to Bikini Kill throughout and this show specifically Ambition of Xinjiang. One of 15 acts to play that night, Bikini Kill from all accounts, wowed the huge crowd. I saw them a few years after this show at a club in Minnesota Download if spring comes. I got yelled at by Kathleen for standing too close to the front which didn’t help endear me to a band I already wasn’t particularly fond of Download sap2000. Though I’ve sat through much worse shows, the fascination with Bikini Kill is something that I never could “get”. I guess different strokes…

This is a nice black and white clip of the band playing the only (I’m guessing) song that Billy sings Zone wide.

Download: Bikini Kill: George Bush Is No Hero (Live Video)

Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb (Live Video)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayer” file=”” plugins=”/jwPlayer/viral.swf” viral.title = “Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb””1-25-11″ viral.description=”It’s day 2 of Riot Grrrl week here at TSOI and it’s a good one Download katok messages. Bratmobile were one of the very few bands that I always wanted to see but never had the opportunity.””The Sound Of Indie” viral.functions=”share, embed, info”]

Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb
Los Angeles, CA

It’s day 2 of Riot Grrrl week here at TSOI and it’s a good one Run and download time. Bratmobile were one of the very few bands that I always wanted to see but never had the opportunity. Truth be told, I was a bigger Cold Cold Hearts and The Peechees fan 사랑을 했다 악보. I did get to see both those bands, so technically I did see 100% of “Bratmobile”, just in different forms. OK, not quite the same, but close 스프링 로컬 파일. This is a great clip from LA’s famed Jabberjaw club with riot grrrls right up there in the front.

Download: Bratmobile: Cherry Bomb (Live Video)


The Monday Set: Excuse 17 – Berkeley – 4/28/95

Excuse 17
924 Gillman St 버즈 투지 mp3 다운로드.
Berkeley, CA

I finished Sara Marcus’s “Girls to the Front: The True Story Of The Riot Grrrl Revolution” this past weekend so I’m declaring it Riot Grrrl week here on TSOI Download OpenOffice Excel. Quite often while reading the book I found myself thinking it was more like reading a diary than a documentation of the riot grrrl scene. Hearing the intimate stories of friends, acquaintances and bands that I dealt with during the time of riot grrrl gave me a bit of an awkward feeling that I’m guessing the casual reader wouldn’t glean from the same book 항아리게임2. Recalling all the in-fighting, it’s no surprise those arguments eventually brought the movement to it’s knees. Even 20 years later, as these comments on last week’s Guardian article will attest, riot grrrl is still a hotly contested topic Download Live.

But on to today’s post…here’s a great set from Becca Albee, who is referenced quite often in the book, and her band Excuse 17 패션 오브 크라이스트 자막. It was recorded towards the end of the band’s existence and is a great high energy recording.

Track listing:
1 Download excel organizations too. Sound Check
2. The Drop Dead Look
3. Code Red
4. Forever Fired
5. I’d Rather Eat Glass
6. Carson
7. This Is Not Your Wedding Song
8 Double monitor. 5 Acres
9. Designated Shotgun
10. Watchmaker
Download: Excuse 17 – Berkeley – 4/28/95 – 185 MB

Sample: 5 Acres (Live)
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Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous (Live Video)

Download Thor Thunder's God

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayer” file=”” plugins=”/jwPlayer/viral.swf” viral.title = “Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous””1-21-11″ viral.description=”Amber Inn were one of those bands that came around just about the time I was getting out of my emo phase and more into electronic/indie bands.””The Sound Of Indie” viral.functions=”share, embed, info”]

Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous
Pensacola, FL

Amber Inn were one of those bands that came around just about the time I was getting out of my “emo” phase and more into electronic/indie bands 영화 파수꾼. I bought their 7″s, but they didn’t get nearly the love they would have gotten had they been released a few years earlier. Going back and listening to their discography, the tracks hold up pretty well compared to some of the other mid/later 90’s hardcore bands in my collection 유나의 거리. Plus they were on Ebullition Records so that gives them instant cred in my book.

Download: Amber Inn: Life Instantaneous (Live Video)