When talking about the UK riot grrrl scene, it was all about Huggy Bear, but for my money I always preferred Pussycat Trash. Although they never had the notoriety and fan base of Huggy Bear, their output between ’92-’95 was unmatched. I think what always appealed to me was that they took their influences not only from the same garage rock bands as everyone else, but also from the C86 scene which gave them a much more unique sound than some of their other contemporaries.

A note about this recording. The Pussycat Trash discography “The Brat Years” was released in 2001, but this track doesn’t come from that disc. Instead it’s a recording I made directly from my copy of “Some Hearts Paid To Lie”, a 2X7″ that features Pussycat Trash, Linus, Comet Gain and Skinned Teen. I swear it sounds better to me than the recording that was released on the discography. Not just because it’s a little louder, but the guitars have some extra “highs” which seem to be missing on the compressed cd recording.

Download: Pussycat Trash: Doris

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2011/20110127/Pussycat-Trash-Doris.mp3″]

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