Los Cincos
Los Angeles, CA

After the split of seminal hardcore band Honeywell, 2 members went on to form One Eyed Richard and The Goddamn Liars. After one 12″ release, One Eyed Richard changed their name to the moniker Los Cincos and continued to put out releases for the next 5 years. This recording has a couple tracks from the early One Eyed Richard days, plus quite a few that I don’t recognize from what I’m guessing ended up later on various 7″s.

Track listing:
1. Pop-A-Wheelie
2. Unknown Track
3. Unknown Track
4. Unknown Track
5. Unknown Track
6. Unknown Track
7. Unknown Track
8. Unknown Track
9. Unknown Track

Download: Los Cincos – Los Angeles – 12/4/95 – 155 MB

Sample: Pop-A-Wheelie (Live)
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2011/20110131/Los-Cincos-Pop-A-Wheelie.mp3″]


  1. thanks for posting. gave it a quick listen…some of the songs sound great, some suck pretty bad. i think Dennis, our guitar player, was missing from this particular line up. it shows on certain parts. did you record this one yourself? have anymore? let a brutha know.

  2. I actually traded for this recording years ago. It’s the only Los Cincos live recording I’ve ever come across so it’s a bit of a rarity in my collection. Glad you enjoyed the recording!

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