The Futureheads: Struck Dumb, Jupiter (Live)

Some people will go “Woooo!” to anything at a concert. No matter what show I’m at, there’s always a portion of the crowd who came there seemingly just for the chance to yell “Woooo!” at every opportunity without facing the consequences that would normally accompany yelling “Woooo!” in, say, a crowded subway car . I don’t even think they know or care who’s playing. Case in point is this here Futureheads’ concert I attended last summer. The Futureheads are a very chatty bunch on stage, engaging the crowd in extended banter in between every song. Pretty much everything they said to crowd was greeting by a round of “Woooo!”s from all directions. From a birthday greeting to one of the bands’ friends (who I’m pretty sure they didn’t know) to a poorly delivered joke that fell flat, the result was a chorus of “Woooo!”s that would’ve made Ric Flair himself proud.

As far as the music itself was concerned, the band sounded very tight. The setlist was heavy on songs from their fantastic “The Chaos” album, which I certainly didn’t mind, as I think it’s the bands’ strongest effort yet. I’ve included two of my favorite cuts from the album, “Struck Dumb” and “Jupiter“.

Music Hall of Williamsburg June 1, 2010
The Chaos
Heartbeat Song
Walking Backwards
Struck Dumb
Decent Days and Nights
I Can Do That
Skip to the End
Stop the Noise
The Connector
The Beginning of the Twist
Carnival Kids
Hounds of Love

Sun Goes Down
Work is Never Done
Man Ray

Download: The Futureheads: Jupiter (Live)

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Download: The Futureheads: Struck Dumb (Live)

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