Bad Religion: Latch Key Kid, Big Bang (Live) Pt 1/3

Bad Religion Part 1: ’80s [From How Can Hell Be Any Worse to No Control]

Bad Religion, the California pop-punk band, released Dissent of Man, their 100th Album (kidding, sort of) this year. This being 2010, and since How Could Hell Be Any Worse was released in 1980, that means the Bad Religion have been active for three solid decades.

BR, while in New York took a break from their Dissent support tour, and played three special New York only shows – each dedicated to a different decade in BR’s career, hence TSOI’s special three part series.

BR presumably had to relearn dozens of songs for these one-off shows, in particular during the 80s show where many of the songs clock in under two minutes all while supporting a new record. BR did deviate from the featured decade sets by including some hits from other decades as well as selections from the new record. This post and the next two will each feature two songs from each decade – as performed during the recent New York dates.

It must be handed to Bad Religion for maintaining a consistent popularity while actively churning out releases every couple of years, in particular in a genre not known for longevity.  Being an old timer, it is not surprising that the ’80s decade is my personal favorite. 

Here is what a set list looks like if you play a set composed largely of songs clocking in under 2 minutes:

’80s [From How Can Hell Be Any Worse to No Control] Setlist:

Do What You Want
How Much Is Enough?
We’re Only Gonna Die
The Resist Stance
Delirium of Disorder
You Are (The Government)
Latch Key Kids
The Devil in Stitches
I Want to Conquer the World
Billy Gnosis
Part III
Big Bang
New Dark Ages
Along the Way
21st Century Digital Boy
Wrong Way Kids
No Control
Fuck Armageddon…This is Hell
American Jesus
Los Angeles is Burning

Download: Bad Religion: Latch Key Kid (Live)

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Download: Bad Religion: Big Bang (Live)

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