Author: Avalanche LEED AP


Robyn Hitchcock – The Executioner (Live)

I have had several conversations about which band/artist can claim responsibility for setting the precedent of touring behind a long since released back-catalog album that has reached 'classic' status for a full cover-to-cover live rendition. Many have done it, and based on my sampling, I have been generally pleased that the concept has taken hold (More...)

OMD: History of Modern-Part 1, Talking Lound and Clear (Live)

OMD, the UK based new-wave pioneers and all around synth pop greats, debuted their first release way back in 1978 on Manchester’s renowned Factory Records. Their new album, The History of Modern – a slab of amped-up blood-rushing synth washes – is so good that it makes their storied back catalog obsolete (More...)

Chairlift: Take It Out On Me (Live)

Chairlift is a Colorado sourced outfit that relocated to Brooklyn several years ago. As has been noted here a time or two, any Male/Female vocal pairing, ala Human League, is almost always a good idea particularly with a synth-pop new wave type sound as Chairlift has, but is one that is effectively exploited. (More...)