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Magnetic Fields – Andrew In Drag (Live)

In March of 2012 Stephen Merritt released the best Magnetic Fields album since 2004’s i largely because it benefits with vast improvements in production over recent releases adobe acrobat 10 pro Hangul. Love at the Bottom of the Sea, song-writing wise is nothing but aces, but it could have been a whole lot better. Unfortunately for Love at the Bottom of the Sea, Merritt farmed-out half of the vocal duties to Claudia Gonson and Shirly Simms 호우시절. I certainly appreciate most of the guest vocal contributions to 69 Love Songs, but most subsequent post 69 Love Songs MF songs would have benefited substantially if Merritt had provided his vocals instead Download Filezilla for Mac.

Nearly the exact same complaint can be levied to the the April 4, 2012 MF set-list at Beacon Theater – too many songs with Claudia/Shirley on vocals kt wibro. (L.D. and Dudley have been notably absent from the recent MF albums/tours. Pourquoi?!?)

I suspect Stephen Merritt, the lovable curmudgeon, generally finds touring bothersome and, therefore, the less he does on-stage, the better – hence heavy helpings of songs with Shirley or Claudia on vocals Download Troublemaker mp3.

Here is a live take of the stand-out track on Love at the Bottom of the Sea, “Andrew in Drag”.

Beacon Theater April 4, 2012 set-list:

I Die
A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Your Girlfriend’s Face
Reno Dakota
Come Back From San Francisco
No One Will Ever Love You
I’ve Run Away to Join The Fairies
Plant White Roses
Drive on, Driver
My Husband’s Pied-A-Terre
Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old
The Horrible Party
Smoke and Mirrors
Goin’ Back to the Country
Andrew in Drag
Quick Ecotech!
Busby Berkeley Dreams
Boa Constrictor
The Book of Love
Fear of Trains
You Must Be Out of Your Mind
Grand Canyon
Swinging London
It’s Only Time
Smile Download life enhancing! No One Cares How You Feel (The Gothic Archies)
Tar-Heel Boy
Forever and a Day

Download: Magnetic Fields – Andrew In Drag (Live)

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Robyn Hitchcock – The Executioner (Live)

I have been generally pleased with the recently instituted concept of established acts touring behind a “classic” album has taken hold Download the name mp3. (Somewhere The Strokes are de-tuning their guitars for their This is It tour). Many such feature-album type shows caught over the years include notable TSOI favs such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Wedding Present, The Cure, Joy Division (via Peter Hook) Blitz Roltoches.

Brian Wilson started this phenomenon when he trotted out the fabled Smile album in 2004, some 30+ years after he shelved the most infamous album never released Download the Legendary Album of Zannabi. I suspect that you will find that the recent rash of “classic” album tours can be traced to Wilson’s Smile tour and his follow-up Pet Sounds tour mcpe store 다운로드.

Here is a notable track from the ever-cool Robyn Hitchcock‘s generally most revered album, Eye which he played in its entirety to an enraptured crowd in Gowanus Brooklyn in 2011 drozer 다운로드. A sampling of Robyn’s inimitable banter included, natch.

11/19/11 Bell House Setlist

Cynthia Mask
Queen Elvis
Flesh Cartoons
Chinese Water Python
The Executioner
Sweet Ghost Of Light
Linctus House
Transparent Lover
Beautiful Girl
Clean Steve
Raining Twilight Coast
Glass Hotel
Agony Of Pleasure
The Aquarium
encore break
One Long Pair Of Eyes
Madonna Of The Wasps
Ole Tarantula

Download: Robyn Hitchcock – The Executioner (Live)

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Avalanche: Best of 2011

Top 10 Releases of 2011

Once again, the great releases of this year are roundly ignored by other ‘best-of’ music compilers. I am again mystified how some of the releases included here got such short shrift, particularly, when there was not much by way of competition. 2011, overall, was largely dominated by folkie southern-rock sounding bands, which is a direction that is easy for me to ignore except for the insanely good The Wooden Birds record, which, against all reason has shown up on no best-of lists that I have seen. Low put out another great record, which, has long been expected out of Low. I am convinced that Low and The Wooden Birds are the two current active pillars of great American rock music, without which, the whole shaky edifice would crumble 3d max 2015. Once again, these two great bands release another great record and because they are expected to do just that, they get passed-over by critics for the latest pan flash.

Otherwise, based on prominence of keyboard based bands last year, I figured we would get much more of the same in 2011. We did get a new Cut Copy release and similarly styled debut by Holy Ghost! but there wasn’t near the output of synth driven bands as I expected.

Anyway, the following are the top-ten very worthy cds that kept my laser occupied Ahn Cheol-so virus.

1.Acid House Kings – Music Sounds Better With You
AHK put out the best pure pop album of the year by a country mile. Music Sounds Better With You is pure and effortless and along with The Wooden Birds release nearly monopolized my cd laser for the whole year. The track “Windshields” is so good I can barely stand it – even after hundreds of listens.

2.The Wooden Birds – Two Matchsticks
As noted, 2011 is full of Southern-Rock and Folk-Rock tinged albums 깜짝 새 다운로드. The Wooden Birds, the post American Analog Set project of Andrew Kenney, mine some of the same influences but do it with subtle brilliance and without being retreads. The cool burn of Two Matchsticks and its delicate, yet assertive guitar and male/female vocal interplay make The Wooden Birds the best thing going right now. How this band has gotten so little attention is criminal. I just don’t get it. Pure. Simple. Brilliant.

3.Low – C’mon
Low have been quietly releasing the best catalog of the past 20 years, and this is another nice addition to their epic high standards of quality Download the white chicks subtitles. Unlike their also great release of a few years ago, Drums and Guns, C’mon has pretty fuss-free production, which I think is how the religious experience that is a Low release is best served.

4.Cut Copy – Zonoscope
The Cutters self-produced 2011 release, Zonoscope, starts out with a face-melting gem in “Need You Now”. The rest of the album doesn’t reach that high again, but is a consistently good stream of interwoven synth excursions.

5.Anything Goes Original Cast Recording – Broadway Original Cast Recording
What can I say, I bought my first ‘show tunes’ album (I don’t think buying Laibach‘s Jesus Christ Superstar really counts) 들개들. I would generally not be too proud of that fact, but this Sutten Foster led production of the Cole Porter classic was too irresistible to one who swore he was immune to the saccharine charms of musicals. This Cole Porter and P.G. Wodehouse collaboration has to be among the best examples of ‘all killer, no filler’ ever, like the Purple Rain of the 1930s!

6.The Pains of Being Pure of Heart – Belong
The Pains went big with this album as far as production goes, but their charms remain subtle photoshop cs2 다운로드. I hope they are hard at work on a follow up.

7.Holy Ghost! – Holy Ghost!
Based on a few tracks of Holy Ghost! 2010 ep, I was really hoping for a band that was going to re-inhabit Shriekback as a bit more sophisticated and bit more aggressively vocaled synth band, but that hope is dashed pretty much after the second track of this, their self-titled debut. Nonetheless, this is a great synth pop record.

8.Peter Murphy – Nine
This record pretty follows along the buzz guitar rock of Cascade, which is, in my opinion, Murphy’s best asp 파일 강제. Nine is a shockingly good and fresh record coming from a true unabashed living legend.

9.Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes
Lykke Li has dropped some of her quirks that acted as a kind of hook for her in her debut and put out a little more straight forward release that digs more in ’50s girl group soul rather than in asymmetric indie affectations, which got her initial notice. I like.

10.Chain Gang of 1974 – Wayward Fire
This is the only new band, for me, to make the list. Chain Gang tread in the ’80s and ’90s New Wave New Romantics territory that several others are into these days. The vocals and other intangibles makes this effort by Chain Gang of 1974 my favorite of the lot.

Here is a list of releases that are honorable mentions but were eeked out of the top 10 slots Download the poster background.
Peter, Bjorn, and John – Gimme Some
Foster the People pretty much lifted the template that PBandJ set with “Writer’s Block” and I hope are paying PBandJ their due royalties. PBandJ, to their credit are moving on.
Jane’s Addiction – Great Escape Artist
This might not be a great Jane’s Addiction album, but god-knows, there is no where to get killer top-shelf hard rock vocals like Perry Ferrel’s anywhere else. I am glad they are providing me a new fix.
Handsome Furs – Sound Kapital
This probably would have made the list but I totally forgot about it Step-up 2. This was the best M/F with Synth record of the year.

Top 10 Concerts of 2011

As in 2009 and in 2010, the best of 2011 is once again filled with veteran bands. If you are a new band, for the love of god, go see some of the bands on this list and see how it is done. Actually, the top slot belongs to the sublime The Wooden Birds (see above for best album pick) for their 2011 performance, who also was my pick for tops performance for 2010 too!

1. The Wooden Birds – Rock Shop (see Sept 28, 2010 TSOI post)
2 구글 오프라인 지도 다운로드. Savoir Adore/French Horn Rebellion – Glasslands (see French Horn Rebellion Jan 4 2011 TSOI post and see Savoir Adore Dec 8 2010 TSOI post)
3. The Cure (first three albums) – Beacon Theater
I was not particularly looking forward to hearing The Cure perform three of their least accessible albums back-to-back, but wow, this was a great way to see why The Cure are so good and why they have been able to fill stadiums for decades. This short tour was a nice display of the gestation of the weird genius that is Robert Smith.
4. Bad Religion – 3 Decade Shows – Irving Plaza (’80s, ’90s and ’00s)
5. Controlled Bleeding – Death by Audio
6. Advance Base – Mercury Lounge
This is the first NY showing of Owen’s first Casiotone for the Painfully Alone project. I look forward seeing more of this bigger-and-badder enterprise.
7. OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark) – Terminal 5 (see March 29 TSOI post)
8. Universal Order of Armageddon – Death by Audio
9. D Generation – Irving Plaza
D Generation are to be praised for bringing Rock and Roll back to New York City, where it belongs. I am sure The Strokes tip them a hat when they cross.
10.Jane’s Addiction – Irving Plaza
Truth be told, the most notable part of this show was an enterprising gentleman that took it upon himself to raise his phone video recorder among the sea of other raised arms getting crappy YouTube fodder, but instead of recording footage, played porn on his screen. The affect was like he was recording something much more interesting than the rest of his neighbors. Super funny. I hope it catches on.

OMD: History of Modern-Part 1, Talking Lound and Clear (Live)

OMD, the UK based new-wave pioneers and all around synth pop greats, debuted their first release way back in 1978 on Manchester’s renowned Factory Records y2k. Their new album, The History of Modern – a slab of amped-up blood-rushing synth washes – is so good that it makes their storied back catalog obsolete – well, to me anyway mirror dlc 다운로드. As with some of the recent Echo and the Bunnymen releases, OMD’s new one makes listening to their great back-catalog seem comparatively, and improbably, thin – that is, I am far more excited by their current work than their past, however good, work 로제타 스톤 다운로드. This new album, number two on my 2010 best-of list, has all the great synth-based hooks of classic OMD, but refined and updated to create a whole new OMD synth frontier Remote server file. With so many young bands lifting from OMD and their early new-wave peers, it must be a bit frustrating that the most forward sounding (at least while The Knife are MIA) keyboard based band in 2010/2011 is the one that pretty much defined the genre 30 years ago 거짓의 윤무곡 다운로드.

As a live act, OMD has enjoyed world-wide and wide-spread success with the exception being the US, hence their over 20 year absence 핀터레스트 보드. They apparently had no interest in lugging over their vintage keyboards to play small clubs. Based on inter-song banter before “Talking Loud and Clear” (see below) at their first US show in New York earlier this month, they were genuinely relieved that people bothered to show up at all and pretty much giddy that tickets sales were such that the show sold out even after a venue capacity upgrade 50가지 그림자 해방 다운로드. Andy McCluskey, lead vocalist and bassist, feared aloud during the show that they expected to take a $100k hit coming to the US. With the success of their US show, and with a string of shows at SXSW, OMD intends to make another go of the US in the fall with an expanded stage show wko4.

To all the upstart keyboard based bands, be sure to go check out these shows to see how it should be done, and how keyboards are supposed to sound Disaster Movie 2012. I would go so far as to say that any keyboard purchase should come with mandatory OMD ‘How-To’ tutorial.

Here is a killer new track and an old gem as performed at OMD‘s recent New York show Download old song mp3.

NYC Setlist:
New Babies: New Toys
Tesla Girls
Radio Waves
History of Modern (Part I)
If You Leave
Joan of Arc
Maid of Orleans
New Holy Ground
Talking Loud Clear
So in Love
Sister Marie Says
Seven Seas
Enola Gay

Milky Way

Download: History of Modern-Part 1 (Live)

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Download: Talking Lound and Clear (Live)

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Peter Hook: Atmosphere (Live)

Joy Division‘s eponymous debut album, Unknown Pleasures, came out in 1980 and therefore Peter Hook, bass player and I am beginning to assume primary song writer, decided to throw a 30 year anniversary tour to commemorate the album 말모이 영화 다운로드. This small Unknown Pleasures revisited tour featured a backing band whose members very likely weren’t born at the time of the album’s release with Hook taking the vocal duties long vacated by Ian Curtis Download wallpaper engine workshop. You heard me right, Peter Hook, Joy Division bassist, taking on the vocal duties. Needless to say, no other former member of Joy Division was involved Download the movie Death Penalty. I suspect they thought exactly what you are likely thinking right now; “this sounds like a very bad idea”.

Even at the risk of missing Killing Joke playing the same night at a different venue, I decided last minute to see this potential cringe-fest Download the president's seven-hour download. Here is my takeaway from the show:

I bet Peter, now well into his 50s, hatched this ideas just about the time that he thought it would be a good idea to buy a motorcycle, if you know what I mean 제너레이션 오브 카오스. It seems that back in the late 70s when Joy Division was formed, a teenage Peter Hook was simply hoping to join a rawkus testosterone fueled punk rock band 이클립스 neon. The early Joy Division singles met that description but with the talents of producer Martin Hannett and vocalist Ian Cutis along with the other band members, Joy Division quickly evolved into an icy post-punk band whose success and brilliance swept up Peter Hook and thereby trumped his idea of joining a little punk band Download the Ipin app. Before he knew it, after the suicide of Ian Curtis, Peter and the remaining members were trying to move on and quickly found immediate and massive success in defining keyboard-based dance new wave with New Order – again his rock ‘jones’ would have to wait 구글 본 고딕 다운로드. My guess is, and this is pure unsubstantiated and utterly unresearched speculation, that 30 years on, after all of the dust of decades of involvement in successful and wildly transformative bands, he realized in his mid-life crisis that all he really wanted to do was grow a faux hawk, pump his fist in the air, and rock out with one foot on the monitor Download Zeus 8. And that is pretty much what he did for this show. In sum, I suspect what this particular tour was about reliving why he might have joined a band in the first place 윤폰트.

As far as I am aware, this is the first time I have heard Peter Hook take on vocals in any band, yet his voice is shredded as if he spent 30 years being a chain-smoking Johnny Rotten, not the bass player for two subdued New Wave bands. Did Peter Hook shred his voice over the past 30 years screaming in the shower the Joy Division and New Order songs as pub screamers as he always hoped and envisioned they would be?

Peter Hook made no effort (thankfully) of acting or sounding like Ian Curtis and reinterpreted the songs as loud guitar rock along with his thumping base lines taking lead and with synthesizers taking a conspicuous backseat. I can’t say to what an extent this undertaking was a success or not, but it made for an interesting night out.

Here is Peter Hook, doing as part of the encore Joy Division’s final released single “Atmosphere”.

Your thoughts? Inspired or Insipid?

Download: Peter Hook: Atmosphere (Live)

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The Radio Dept: Lost and Found (Live)

Download the Two-Heart game

The Radio Dept is a cornerstone band off of the fantastic Swedish label, Labrador 웹하드 영화. You will find many TSOI posts to Labrador artists, in particular, The Legends and Acid House Kings. In 2010, The Radio Dept put out a very well received dream pop/shoe-gaze-ish album in Clinging to a Scheme Download the next version of The Pod Encoder.

This is from a show in 2010, but if you missed it, they are playing again soon so get on it!

Download: The Radio Dept: Lost and Found (Live)

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Chairlift: Take It Out On Me (Live)

Chairlift is a Colorado sourced outfit that relocated to Brooklyn several years ago.  As has been noted here a time or two, any Male/Female vocal pairing, ala Human League, is almost always a good idea particularly with a synth-pop new wave type sound as Chairlift has, but is one that is seldom effectively exploited 보물사냥꾼 클레어 다운로드. Chairlift do the M/F vocal bit on some tracks but could hit a little harder this area of largely untapped potential before someone gets to it and mucks it up Roll pbe server.

Anyway, in 2008 they released Does You Inspire You?, which features some real snappy numbers, one of which in “Evident Utensil” 검블유 1회 다운로드. A live version of “Evident Utensil” is featured here in a previous post (check out the TSOI band pull-down menu )

In 2010, Chairlift were out and about playing Central Park Summerstage opening for The XX and with a surprise free show at Knitting Factory where they featured several new tracks from a new album in the works to presumably drop sometime in 2011, so keep peepers open Download the ringuit.

I suspect this track, as performed live here,  is one of the singles off of the new album.

Download: Chairlift: Take It Out On Me (Live)

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Bad Religion: Requiem of Dissent, Avalon (Live) Pt 3/3

Bad Religion Part 3: ’00s [The New America to Dissent of Man]

Bad Religion, the California pop-punk band, released Dissent of Man, their 100th Album (kidding, sort of) this year 워킹데드 게임. This being 2010, and since How Could Hell Be Any Worse was released in 1980, that means the Bad Religion have been active for three solid decades 서바이버.

BR, while in New York took a break from their Dissent support tour, and played three special New York only shows – each dedicated to a different decade in BR’s career, hence TSOI’s special three part series ielts ingang.

BR did deviate from the featured decade sets by including some hits from other decades as well as selections from the new record 응답하라 1988 혜화동. This post features two songs the 2000s decade – as performed during the recent New York dates.

It must be handed to Bad Religion for maintaining a consistent popularity while actively churning out releases every couple of years, in particular in a genre not known for longevity Download Thundersound. I believe I zoned out after Against the Grain, but it seems pretty clear after having attended these shows, that that was just a starting point for many BR fans Christian video. Most songs at all three shows, including the tracks included here,  featured heavy crowd sing-a-long crowd participation – pretty impressive.

’00s [The New America to Dissent of Man] Setlist:
Prove It
Can’t Stop
Heroes & Martyrs
Only Rain
Los Angeles Is Burning
Sinister Rouge
New Dark Ages
The Devil in Stitches
Meeting of the Minds
Let Them Eat War
Fields of Mars
The Defense
The Resist Stance
Social Suicide
Dearly Beloved
Requiem For Dissent
Don’t Sell Me Short
Wrong Way Kids
American Jesus
Along The Way
Fuck Armageddon…This is Hell

Download: Bad Religion: Requiem of Dissent (Live)

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Download: Bad Religion: Avalon (Live)

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Bad Religion: Flat Earth Society, Generator (Live) Pt 2/3

Bad Religion Part 2: ’90s [From Against the Grain to No Substance]

Bad Religion, the California pop-punk band, released Dissent of Man, their 100th Album (kidding, sort of) this year 나눔바른고딕 otf 다운로드. This being 2010, and since How Could Hell Be Any Worse was released in 1980, that means the Bad Religion have been active for three solid decades Scary house.

BR, while in New York took a break from their Dissent support tour, and played three special New York only shows – each dedicated to a different decade in BR’s career, hence TSOI’s special three part series Freeftpd.

It seems pretty clear after having attended these shows, that 1990 was just a starting point for many BR fans. Myself, I believe I zoned out on BR after Against the Grain, which, by the way, if you are looking for a good accessible classic punk record to dip your toes in the genre, one could do much worse than Against the Grain Download White Heart White Ball.

All three shows featured heavy crowd sing-a-long crowd participation including this particularly impressive example included here with “Generator” Manual download of Windows Update.

’90s [From Against the Grain to No Substance] Setlist:
Gray Race
Hear It
Modern Man
Stranger Than Fiction
Recipe For Hate
Flat Earth Society
The Resist Stance
Man With A Mission
Struck a Nerve
A Walk
Sowing The Seeds Of Utopia
Turn On The Light
Come Join Us
No Direction
What It Is
Atomic Garden
Wrong Way Kids
American Jesus
Fuck Armageddon…This is Hell

Download: Bad Religion: Flat Earth Society (Live)

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Download: Bad Religion: Generator (Live)

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Bad Religion: Latch Key Kid, Big Bang (Live) Pt 1/3

Bad Religion Part 1: ’80s [From How Can Hell Be Any Worse to No Control]

Bad Religion, the California pop-punk band, released Dissent of Man, their 100th Album (kidding, sort of) this year linux gcc 컴파일러 다운로드. This being 2010, and since How Could Hell Be Any Worse was released in 1980, that means the Bad Religion have been active for three solid decades address bar file.

BR, while in New York took a break from their Dissent support tour, and played three special New York only shows – each dedicated to a different decade in BR’s career, hence TSOI’s special three part series 루팅 앱 다운로드.

BR presumably had to relearn dozens of songs for these one-off shows, in particular during the 80s show where many of the songs clock in under two minutes all while supporting a new record Download Jade's movie. BR did deviate from the featured decade sets by including some hits from other decades as well as selections from the new record. This post and the next two will each feature two songs from each decade – as performed during the recent New York dates 윈도우7 부팅 usb.

It must be handed to Bad Religion for maintaining a consistent popularity while actively churning out releases every couple of years, in particular in a genre not known for longevity.  Being an old timer, it is not surprising that the ’80s decade is my personal favorite. 

Here is what a set list looks like if you play a set composed largely of songs clocking in under 2 minutes:

’80s [From How Can Hell Be Any Worse to No Control] Setlist:

Do What You Want
How Much Is Enough 떡국열차?
We’re Only Gonna Die
The Resist Stance
Delirium of Disorder
You Are (The Government)
Latch Key Kids
The Devil in Stitches
I Want to Conquer the World
Billy Gnosis
Part III
Big Bang
New Dark Ages
Along the Way
21st Century Digital Boy
Wrong Way Kids
No Control
Fuck Armageddon…This is Hell
American Jesus
Los Angeles is Burning

Download: Bad Religion: Latch Key Kid (Live)

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Download: Bad Religion: Big Bang (Live)

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