Robyn Hitchcock – The Executioner (Live)

I have been generally pleased with the recently instituted concept of established acts touring behind a “classic” album has taken hold. (Somewhere The Strokes are de-tuning their guitars for their This is It tour). Many such feature-album type shows caught over the years include notable TSOI favs such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Wedding Present, The Cure, Joy Division (via Peter Hook).

Brian Wilson started this phenomenon when he trotted out the fabled Smile album in 2004, some 30+ years after he shelved the most infamous album never released. I suspect that you will find that the recent rash of “classic” album tours can be traced to Wilson’s Smile tour and his follow-up Pet Sounds tour.

Here is a notable track from the ever-cool Robyn Hitchcock‘s generally most revered album, Eye which he played in its entirety to an enraptured crowd in Gowanus Brooklyn in 2011. A sampling of Robyn’s inimitable banter included, natch.

11/19/11 Bell House Setlist

Cynthia Mask
Queen Elvis
Flesh Cartoons
Chinese Water Python
The Executioner
Sweet Ghost Of Light
Linctus House
Transparent Lover
Beautiful Girl
Clean Steve
Raining Twilight Coast
Glass Hotel
Agony Of Pleasure
The Aquarium
encore break
One Long Pair Of Eyes
Madonna Of The Wasps
Ole Tarantula

Download: Robyn Hitchcock – The Executioner (Live)

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