Hamburg, Germany

Here is a fantastic audience-sourced “Mask” era live recording. What’s notable about this show is the inclusion of tracks like “The Man With X-Ray Eyes” and “Of Lillies And Remains” which didn’t make it into their live performances very often past this tour.

1. The Passion Of Lovers
2. In The Flat Field
3. Silent Hedges
4. In Fear Of Fear
5. Of Lillies And Remains
6. Dancing
7. Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
8. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
9. Hair Of The Dog
10. Mask
11. The Man With X-Ray Eyes (slow version)
12. Kick In The Eye
13. Hollow Hills
14. Stigmata Martyr
15. Dark Entries

Sample: [audio:|titles=The Man With X-Ray Eyes (Slow Version) (Live)|artists=Bauhaus]

Download: Bauhaus – Hamburg – 11/30/81 – 361 MB


  1. This sounds fantastic for the time-like it was recorded yesterday digitally!

    Many thanks, your site is GREAT!

  2. I was at that concert, 17 years old then. I was very impressed to say the least. I went there for Bauhaus but I fell in love with the opening group: Echo and The Bunnymen, too. Although I never heard of them before! During the punk and post-punk era, most groups didn’t make much of a show as opposed to the supergroups and stadium-rockers of the 70’s. Then there was Bauhaus in that small Markthalle (room for an audience of a few hundred people)…
    Greetings from Hamburg,

    1. You witnessed one of the most influential bands in their beginnings. What a time that must have been! A Monday night in hamburg in 81′! This music and new culture must have been so exciting in Europe back then… So new. Peter Murphy just got better as time went on… I love his early 90’s music as well… All Night Long… I am an American and used to work in Frankfurt and visited Hamburg in 1995… Punk and new wave was still strong and remember the graffiti on the buildings… Special place…

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