The Monday Set: Excuse 17 – Berkeley – 4/28/95

Excuse 17
924 Gillman St 버즈 투지 mp3 다운로드.
Berkeley, CA

I finished Sara Marcus’s “Girls to the Front: The True Story Of The Riot Grrrl Revolution” this past weekend so I’m declaring it Riot Grrrl week here on TSOI Download OpenOffice Excel. Quite often while reading the book I found myself thinking it was more like reading a diary than a documentation of the riot grrrl scene. Hearing the intimate stories of friends, acquaintances and bands that I dealt with during the time of riot grrrl gave me a bit of an awkward feeling that I’m guessing the casual reader wouldn’t glean from the same book 항아리게임2. Recalling all the in-fighting, it’s no surprise those arguments eventually brought the movement to it’s knees. Even 20 years later, as these comments on last week’s Guardian article will attest, riot grrrl is still a hotly contested topic Download Live.

But on to today’s post…here’s a great set from Becca Albee, who is referenced quite often in the book, and her band Excuse 17 패션 오브 크라이스트 자막. It was recorded towards the end of the band’s existence and is a great high energy recording.

Track listing:
1 Download excel organizations too. Sound Check
2. The Drop Dead Look
3. Code Red
4. Forever Fired
5. I’d Rather Eat Glass
6. Carson
7. This Is Not Your Wedding Song
8 Double monitor. 5 Acres
9. Designated Shotgun
10. Watchmaker
Download: Excuse 17 – Berkeley – 4/28/95 – 185 MB

Sample: 5 Acres (Live)
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