There’s been a ton of hype surrounding Oh Land this past month and I have to admit that I’ve gotten caught up in it. Earlier this month we headed over to The Echo in Los Angeles to check out an early evening show they performed the day after their LA debut at The Troubadour. Though I can’t say they are my favorite live act, the duo put on a lively show for the small, very appreciative crowd.

A technical note about this recording. I’ve been holding out on getting a new digital recorder to replace out my trusty old mini-disc/Shure SM57. Finally this past X-mas I received a Blue Mikey for the iPhone. Despite the annoyance of it’s incompatibility with the new iPhone 4, it’s a damn slick device. Simply plug the tiny mic into your iPhone 3 or 3G, fire up the free BlueFire app and you’re ready to go. But there is one caveat to this recording. I’ve lamented time and time again on this blog about the horrible sound at The Echo. In the case of this Oh Land show, the sound was so ear-splittingly loud I can still vividly recall the pain in my ears while listening to this track. Despite a few pops picked up due to the poor sound at the venue, I was really happy with the quality of this recording on my new rig’s virgin recording.

Download: Oh Land: Sun Of A Gun (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


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