The Monday Set: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11

Raphael Saadiq
Grammy Museum Clive Davis Theater
Los Angeles, CA

I heard about a special Raphael Saadiq “American Express Card Holders Only” BS show that was going on at the Grammy Museum the day tickets were going on sale 층간소음. Trying my luck, I busted out my corporate card (the only AmEx I have) and prayed to the Ticketmaster gods I would be one of the chose ones. As luck, and a $19 service fee would have it, I got through Download the hymn ppt. For my effort, we were treated to a special Q&A session and then a short set featuring tracks off the forthcoming record in a very intimate 200 person theater CPR video. The downside is that they had about 7 people watching the crowd to make sure you weren’t taking pictures or recording the set. I set my recorder on the floor, so the quality of this recording pretty much sucks, but I figured I would share it anyway Assassin's Book. I can’t speak for the other 198 people who were there, but we thought it was an amazing evening.

1. Heart Attack
2 fine 다운로드. Radio
3. Day Dreams
4. Just Don’t
5. Stone Rollin’
6. Good Man

Download: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11 – 146 MB

Sample: Heart Attack (Live)
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