The Monday Set: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11

Raphael Saadiq
Grammy Museum Clive Davis Theater
Los Angeles, CA

I heard about a special Raphael Saadiq “American Express Card Holders Only” BS show that was going on at the Grammy Museum the day tickets were going on sale. Trying my luck, I busted out my corporate card (the only AmEx I have) and prayed to the Ticketmaster gods I would be one of the chose ones. As luck, and a $19 service fee would have it, I got through. For my effort, we were treated to a special Q&A session and then a short set featuring tracks off the forthcoming record in a very intimate 200 person theater. The downside is that they had about 7 people watching the crowd to make sure you weren’t taking pictures or recording the set. I set my recorder on the floor, so the quality of this recording pretty much sucks, but I figured I would share it anyway. I can’t speak for the other 198 people who were there, but we thought it was an amazing evening.

1. Heart Attack
2. Radio
3. Day Dreams
4. Just Don’t
5. Stone Rollin’
6. Good Man

Download: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11 – 146 MB

Sample: Heart Attack (Live)
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

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