The Monday Set: Bauhaus – Wiesbaden – 11/28/81

Wartburg Club
Weisbaden, Germany

For 30 plus (yeah 30!) years, Peter Murphy has been one of the most captivating front-men in show business. I recently took my wife to her first Peter Murphy concert and even though she knew next to nothing about his solo work short of “Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem” she walked away even more captivated by the performance than I did, a fan of over 20 years.

Peter Murphy’s new record “Ninth” comes out today in the UK and tomorrow in the US. The full record can be streamed right now from the fantastic Slicing Up Eyeballs and I can say, it’s a pretty fantastic record.

Now a little bit about this recording. Recorded in Germany in 1981, Bauhaus were wrapping up their “Mask” European tour. It’s an audience recording from the early ’80s, so there’s a ton of tape hiss, but you can still hear the brilliant live show the band must have put on for what was a small crowd judging by the amount of applause.

1. Intro/The Passion Of Lovers
2. In The Flat Field
3. Silent Hedges
4. In Fear Of Fear
5. Of Lillies And Remains
6. Dancing
7. Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
8. Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Cut)
9. Hair Of The Dog
10. Mask
11. The Man With X-Ray Eyes (Slow Version)
12. Kick In The Eye
13. Hollow Hills
14. Stigmata Matyr
15. Dark Entries

Download: Bauhaus – Weisbaden – 11/28/81 – 214 MB

Sample: The Man With X-Ray Eyes (Slow Version) (Live)
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