The Fishcats
Boneless Macaroni Demo

This was on Side 2 of a cassette that I had which had the His Name Is Alive “Riotousness & Postrophe” Demo. The HNIA “Early Music Vol 1.” which included that demo is from 1985-1989, so this must be Warren Defever pre-1985. I have absolutely no idea on the track listing.

1-11. Unknown

[audio:|titles=Unknown Track|artists=Fishcats]

Download: The Fishcats (Pre-HNIA) – Boneless Macaroni Demo – 140 MB

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  1. thanks so much for this! as far as when it’s from and who’s involved, fishcats appear on one compilation from 1987 (it came from the garage 2) according to discogs and there the members are listed as Jymn Auge, Scott Mackenzie & Warren Defever. (also: if you ever feel like posting the riotness & postrophe side that would be swell!)

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