Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs
Split Cassette

I picked up this cassette at the very first YoYo A GoGo in 1994 (wow, 15 years ago, amazing). It was the first time I had seen either band, but I was particularly impressed with Long Hind Legs at the festival. I’m not sure about the Kicking Giant track names since they are just listed as one song “Hotbox” on the cassette, but they are 4 distinct tracks, so I broke them up.

1. KG-Hotbox (Part 1)
2. KG-Hotbox (Part 2)
3. KG-Hotbox (Part 3)
4. KG-Hotbox (Part 4)
5. LHL-The Metal Sky
6. LHL-36.
7. LHL-Sodafine

Sample: [audio:|titles=The Metal Sky|artists=Long Hind Legs]

Download: Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs – Split Cassette – 108 MB


  1. Wow. I thought I was the only person who actually owned this tape. The Kicking Giant stuff is disappointing but the Long Hind Legs side is incredible. “Sodafine” is an amazing song.

  2. Hi There

    I absolutely love these Long Hind Leg songs & my tape finally broke after 10+ years. I found download & nearly fell over! Downloaded it immediately, but cant figure out how to open the file on my MAC?? iTunes wont open it. QuickTime wont either. HELP???!!!!

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