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In The Nursery – Deus Ex Machina (Demo)


One of the more overlooked Wax Trax!/Sweatbox bands, In The Nursery are comprised of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone Download WebSquare Excel. They’ve released a ton of stuff in the nearly 30 years that they have been around, but my favorite has always been the pre-1990 releases. This song is an demo from the 1986 “Sonority” 12″ that was found on an outtakes cassette 설문지 양식. One thing that I found interesting is that despite constantly playing live since 1981, they have never played a show in the US.
[audio:|titles=Deus Ex Machina (Demo)|artists=In The Nursery]
Download: In The Nursery – Deus Ex Machina (Demo)

The Monday Set: Unrest – Extremism . . . comp Songs – 1985

Extremism . . . comp Songs

I’m not sure if this was “officially” released as a cassette on Teen Beat, but I believe this is the unreleased 1986 demo Ping Music. It was on a cassette with a few other demos from other bands that I got years ago. No idea on a track list, but I did recognize this Minor Threat cover Download the YouTube library. (If anyone has any more info about this, I will update this post.)

Update: Thanks to Endwar for the info on these tracks.

Set List:
1 table 다운로드. Time (Moran) (3:09)
2. Happy Song (Robinson) (2:37)
3. Laughter (Robinson) (3:55)
4. Lady Chatterly (Unrest) (1:32)
5. Picnic At Hanging Rock (1:31)
6 Download the pdf conversion program. Straight Edge (M. Threat) (0:38)

[audio:|titles=Straight Edge (Live)|artists=Unrest]

Download: The Monday Set: Unrest – Extremism Download the exit. . . comp Songs – 1985 – 78 MB


Bauhaus – Poison Pen (Rejected Mix)

I just read that Bauhaus has a new record coming out next April, but that’s the last thing that they are going to do 설계도. No more touring, no more new songs, nothing else. I’m not really excited about the prospect of a new record, and I’m glad they are done with touring because whenever they go on a long string of dates, David J leaves town diskzoo. When they aren’t on tour, he’s here in Southern California, playing live shows, doing DJ appearances, etc. I would much rather see him solo than Bauhaus any day Mark 0 5 0 apk. This song is off the rejected mix of “Mask” and never got a proper release on the final record. Too bad since it’s a great song 형사합의서 양식.
[audio:|titles=Poison Pen (Rejected Mix)|artists=Bauhaus]
Download: Bauhaus – Poison Pen (Rejected Mix)


Air Miami – Adidas My Ass (Demo)

I’ve been waiting for years and years and it’s finally happened Download pom.xml. Teen Beat is re-issuing the two Air Miami demo cassettes on CD. I have a copy of a copy on cassette, but it will be nice to get hear them off the original masters Download WebSquare Studio. The first one “14 Songs” was recorded with a drum machine, the other one “16 Songs” was recorded with real drummers. Both can be had for the low low price of $8.99 each from the Teen Beat Records website 무료 icon.
[audio:|titles=Adidas My Ass (Demo)|artists=Air Miami]
Download: Air Miami – Adidas My Ass (Demo)


Happy Birthday To Me!

The Sound of Indie is two years old today Download the mask of the lunar eclipse. Pretty amazing that something that was started as pastime years ago has lasted this long. Even though no one ever comments on the posts, and readership has stayed pretty much the same for the past year, it’s still interesting enough to keep it going 윈도우 10 레드스톤 4. The reason why is when people do stumble across the site, they are amazed at the stuff that’s been posted. There have been quite a few e-mails claiming The Sound Of Indie as the best music blog out there 엔젤비트 게임. Who are we to disagree? So here’s a b-day present from The Sound of Indie to you. And thanks to all the people who have made requests, posted comments, sent e-mails and contributed stuff that has been posted Download Precatrider 2.0. It is highly appreciated.

Download: Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake (Demo)

Joy Division – From Safety to Where…? (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mix)

The new Joy Division biopic “Control” which follows the life and death of Ian Curtis is getting a limited release starting today 자기소개서 자유양식. I won’t be able to make it tonight, but I’ll be going tomorrow. On a related note, there’s a new Joy Division unauthorized release that has been floating around 라스트 스탠드. It is Martin Hannett’s personal mixes from the Earcom 2 and Closer sessions that someone apparently got from a relative of his. The mixes have subtle differences but it’s worth checking out to hear some of the stuff that didn’t make it into the final tracks Division Beta.
[audio:|titles=From Safety to Where…? (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mix)|artists=Joy Division]
Download: Joy Division – From Safety to Where… Download the jubo form? (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mix)

Neurosis – To Crawl Under Ones Skin (Demo)

I saw Neurosis on the “Word As Law” tour, so when they came back through I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for during the “Souls at Zero” tour in ’92 추억은 억천만. Man was I wrong. They really stepped it up, and even though they were really good on the previous tour, they were absolutely amazing this time around Download Overwatch. It only got better for the “Enemy of the Sun” tour. This is a demo from the first track on “Souls at Zero.” The sound isn’t so hot since it’s clipping out all over the place, but it’s interesting to hear this early version of the track Download machine gun fritzer.
[audio:|titles=To Crawl Under Ones Skin (Demo)|artists=Neurosis]
Download: Neurosis – To Crawl Under Ones Skin (Demo)


Dead Can Dance – Frontier (Demo)

Dead Can Dance released “Spiritchaser” right around the same time as The Cure released “Wild Mood Swings” so both bands went on tour at virtually the same time in 1996 adobe acrobat 10 pro Hangul. Tickets for both shows were going on sale the same day, so I had to make a choice, wait in line to get tickets for the best seats for the DCD show, or wait in line for tickets to The Cure show 호우시절. I ended up choosing Dead Can Dance and got seats that were in the second row, right in front of Brendan Perry. I think I made the right choice.

This song is a demo from their first self-titled release Download Filezilla for Mac.
[audio:|titles=Frontier (Demo)|artists=Dead Can Dance]
Download: Dead Can Dance – Frontier (Demo)

Joy Division – Atrocity Exhibition (Radio Session)

Download Sonic 3&Knuckles

This song was recorded June 4th 1979 at Pennine Sound Studios in Oldham 영화 콜로니아. The other four tracks from this session were released on the “Heart and Soul” box set, but for some reason this track was omitted. It’s a fairly different sounding version of this song that was eventually released on “Closer.”
[audio:|titles=Atrocity Exhibition (Radio Session)|artists=Joy Division]
Download: Joy Division – Atrocity Exhibition (Radio Session)

Defender that changed the world

Autoclave – I’ll Take You Down (Demo)

I did a quick search on this site and realized that I’ve never posted an Autoclave track baywatch subtitles. Autoclave were a D.C. band formed in 1990 by members who would go on to later play in Helium, Slant 6, Quix*O*Tic and Casual Dots. They put out one 7″ on a split Dischord/K Records venture, then released a 10″ after the band had broken up ted 스크립트 다운로드. Dischord has since released a cd which encompasses all their releases. This demo was recorded by Barrett Jones, who went on to later produce tracks from Nirvana and Foo Fighters 있지 icy.
[audio:|titles=I’ll Take You Down (Demo)|artists=Autoclave]
Download: Autoclave – I’ll Take You Down (Demo)