Bauhaus – Poison Pen (Rejected Mix)

I just read that Bauhaus has a new record coming out next April, but that’s the last thing that they are going to do 설계도. No more touring, no more new songs, nothing else. I’m not really excited about the prospect of a new record, and I’m glad they are done with touring because whenever they go on a long string of dates, David J leaves town diskzoo. When they aren’t on tour, he’s here in Southern California, playing live shows, doing DJ appearances, etc. I would much rather see him solo than Bauhaus any day Mark 0 5 0 apk. This song is off the rejected mix of “Mask” and never got a proper release on the final record. Too bad since it’s a great song 형사합의서 양식.
[audio:|titles=Poison Pen (Rejected Mix)|artists=Bauhaus]
Download: Bauhaus – Poison Pen (Rejected Mix)