The Monday Set/Demo: The Attica Underground – Cassette Demo

The Attica Underground
Cassette Demo

I had a request for this post nearly a year ago and I’m finally getting around to converting this to CD. I try and post a live recording from my collection, but today I’m going with a demo instead. The Attica Underground put out one 7″ on Counterfeit Records in ’97, so I’m guessing that this demo was recorded in 1996. Members of this band ended up playing in The Book Of Dead Names, The Cardinal Sin, Cadillac Blindside, The Spirit of Versailles, and I’m sure many other bands that I can’t remember.

As soon as I listened to the first track I remembered that china boy cymbal that Rebecca used to have because she uses it liberally on this recording. I constantly made fun of that thing, so when I heard it, I had to laugh. Besides that damn cymbal throughout the demo, it holds up pretty well. Especially the first song which I posted as the sample track. They seemed to forget to list the name of two of the tracks on the cover so I’ve listed them as “Unknown Track.” It could be that the cassette that I ended up with accidentally had one of the pages of the insert cut off.

Set List:
1. Unknown Track
2. Unknown Track
3. 77th Encounter
4. The Fountain Pen Conspiracy
5. Counting Four-Thirds
6. Felix Complex

[audio:|titles=Unknown Track (Demo)|artists=Attica Underground]

Download: The Attica Underground – Cassette Demo – 76 MB

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