FischerSpooner – We Need A War (Live Audio/Video)

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It seems that FischerSpooner are thumping around again. They have a few singles available on eMusic and appear to have an album coming soon. That is good news to these ears. Back in 2000 they injected a much needed infusion of sophisticated humor into the indie rock scene via the electro-clash conduit. Their initial performances were avant-garde dance electro-trash pop happenings consisting of large stage set-ups, a gaggle of wicked Juilliard trained dancers but to (ahem) largely canned music. Their on-stage sense of theatrical flash, snarky humor, digs on pop music tropes and rock performance bravado were genius in my book but probably missed by anyone outside of New York. By and large the critics totally missed the point too, which I didn’t think possible.

By the time their second album came out, they sadly dumped much of the avant-garde stage antics, ditched the post-modern lampoons, and performed as a proper straight-up rock outfit and toured the typical rock venue circuit. I certainly appreciated the “live” aspect but I have to ask; “Why not at least keep the dancers?”. Dancing babes are sorely missed in indie-rock. Why does pop drivel purveyors like JT, Britney Spears, etc have a monopoly on dancers? FischerSpooner was able to resolve this decades-on dilemma and I, for one, was hoping that it would spread like wild-fire. This is a video clip of the 2005 high-camp live Halloween show they did that was a one-off return (albeit in reduced numbers) of the dancers.

Also notable is that this song was co-written by the late great Susan Sontag right before she died.

Since this clip is partial and camera work is spotty at best, mp3 is included.

Download: FischerSpooner – We Need A War (Live Audio)

Download: FischerSpooner – We Need A War (Live Video)

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