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The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – Los Angeles – 3/14/11

Peter Murphy Live

Peter Murphy
Mayan Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this year I caught Peter Murphy at the Mayan here in Los Angeles Download sunflower mr. It was the first time I had ever been to that venue. It was also the first time I had ever caught Peter Murphy solo. As a long time fan of Bauhaus et al., it was never in the cards for me to see Peter Murphy solo before 언어팩. Despite the self deprecating jokes throughout the set, he still puts on a great show. I would have to say I actually enjoyed it more than any of the Bauhaus reunion shows I’ve attended download qtwebkit4.dll. As a special treat for those in attendance, he honored a special request for a newly married couple and played a song you don’t hear any many (any?) other solo sets on this tour, Bauhaus’ All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Download the officer and gentleman. I’ve included that as the sample below.

1. Intro
2. Low Room
3 Dongle Dongle Halong this. Velocity Bird
4. Peace To Each
5. Raw Power (Iggy & The Stooges)
6. Disappearing
7. Silent Hedges (Bauhaus)
8. Burning From the Inside (Bauhaus song)
9 레옹 자막 다운로드. I’ll Fall With Your Knife
10. Subway
11. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
12. Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem
13. The Prince & Old Lady Shade
14 바둑게임 다운로드. Stigmata Martyr (Bauhaus)
15. Uneven & Brittle

16. A Strange Kind Of Love/Bela Lugosi’s Dead
17. She’s In Parties (Bauhaus)
18 폭발음. Cuts You Up
19. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Bauhaus)

Encore 2:
Missing: Too Much 21st Century

Download: Peter Murphy – Los Angeles – 3/14/11 – 549 MB

Sample: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Live)
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – New York City – 7/6/09

Peter Murphy
Highline Ballroom
New York City, NY

A track from this show was featured some time ago and since, quite a few requests have made for the whole set Revit 2018 Hangul. Now seems to be as good as time as any to oblige. This is a set from Peter Murphy’s recent Secret Cover tour whos name refers to a series of covers that Peter Murphy has recently released 정밀력. See Secret Cover for more info.

I suspect the tour was largely to keep his live chops up while recording his new album which he alluded to during the show 윈도우7 windbg. Note that this was the first night of two, so if you happen to go to the second, I would be curious if you have any comments on difference between the two shows 세월의 돌. Enjoy.

1. Things to Remember
2. Velocity Bird
3. Peace To Each
4. Disappearing
5. Memory Go
6. Instant Karma
7 시작이 좋아. Banter
8. I’ll Fall With Your Knife
9. Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
10. Secret Silk Society
11. Too Much 21st Century
12 컴퓨터 크롬 다운로드. See Saw Sway
13. The Prince And Old Lady Shade
14. Audience Cheering
15. The Secret
16. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
17. Uneven and Brittle
18 zip 파일 다운로드. A Strange Kind Of Love / Bela Lugosi’s Dead
19. Passion Of Lovers / Transmission
20. Space Oddity
21. She’s In Parties
22 Download The Joy of Wrestling. Cuts You Up

Sample: [audio:|titles=Cuts You Up (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – New York City – 7/6/09 – 608 MB

Nine Inch Nails w/ Peter Murphy – Reptile (Live)

Peter Murphy was the special surprise guest at some of the US dates (Evidently Gary Numan did similar guest appearances on UK dates) of the much ballyhooed Wave Goodbye (final ever!?!) Nine Inch Nails tour Download the subtitles from the collection. Peter showed up towards the end of the NIN set and did vocals on “Reptile” followed by “Kick in the Eye” and later joining on vocals again on “Dead Souls”, the Joy Division cover from The Crow Soundtrack Download the php Excel file. The night after this show Peter Murphy showed up again as special guest, but made a much grander entrance by coming down upside down from the ceiling 베스트 다운로드.

[audio:|titles=Reptile (Live)|artists=Nine Inch Nails w/ Peter Murphy]

Download: Nine Inch Nails w/ Peter Murphy – Reptile (Live)

Peter Murphy – Disappearing (Live)

Peter Murphy passed through NY last week for a 2-night stint on his Secrete Cover tour Bad Ryan. I made the first of the two NYC shows. (BTW: If someone caught the second night or both, please fill me in.) This particular show featured largely newer material along with several covers including a cover of David Bowie’s Major Tom, several Bauhaus selections, as well as a new song (that sounded great) that was recently recorded for an upcoming album alo 다운로드. Peter Murphy also dropped the Joy Division cover of “Transmission” that was posted on TSOI sometime back (I recommend seeking it out) Download the pine alveal.

This is one of the many great tunes off of Cascade which I have mentioned before as perhaps the best of Peter Murphy’s albums Canon Variations. To date I have neglected to post a track to make my case. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A.

[audio:|titles=Disappearing (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Disappearing (Live)

The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – Rome, Italy – 5-28-86

Peter Murphy
Pipers Club
Rome, Italy

I have yet to come across an earlier Peter Murphy solo show than this one from Italy Download Shopping Wang Lui. There are a couple of recordings from July of ’86 floating out there but the quality all of the ’86 shows, including this one, are average at best 프레디의 피자가게 5.

1. Canvas Beauty
2. The Light Pours Out of Me
3. God Sends
4. Confessions
5. She’s In Parties
6 nba 2k18 다운로드. Should the World Fail to Fall Apart
7. The Answer Is Clear
8. Spirit
9. The Passion of Lovers
10. Never Man
11. Blue Heart
12 테일즈런너 러시앤대시. Kick In The Eye (Cut)

[audio:|titles=Confessions (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Rome, Italy – 5-28-86 – 316 MB

Peter Murphy – Transmission (Live Joy Division Cover)/Cuts You Up (Live)

I attended the second New York show of Peter Murphy‘s current Retrospective tour Bayer sheet music. Peter Murphy seemed to be in good spirits and was uncharacteristically chatty with the audience – taking questions, riffing on Americans accents (with demonstrations – very funny), and when asked who he would vote for, even stumped a bit for Obama 삼성 고객센터. His levity must have given him some legs because he played for two solid hours with highlights being Bauhaus tracks off of “Go Away White” and this cover of Joy Division‘s, “Transmission” Download Redio. (I have posted several Joy Division covers on this site and am gladly keeping the string going.) Before playing “Transmission”, Peter Murphy gave a shout out to Peter Hook who was in the audience and performed the song with a good approximation of the Ian Curtis style right-angle-arm rag-doll dance ncurses 다운로드. It ruled.

All in all a great, fun, good spirited show. During the show, I found myself coming to the conclusion that “Cascade” is right up there with “Deep” and “Holy Smoke” in dibs for best PM album Download New West Organic7 6. Sole honors would probably go to “Holy Smoke” if it weren’t for ‘Sweetest Drop’ – the only Peter Murphy song that will get me up out of a chair to hit skip Download Sony Soundforge.

On a side note, (if I recall correctly) he also played “She’s in Parties” and “Burning from the Inside” and was filming the show for a DVD Canon Service Tool. Keep your eyes open for that. Also I didn’t opt for the VIP ticket that included a “Meet and Greet”. Chime in if you went. I am a bit curious how that went Download the Solidarity Guarantee.

Update: Check out more pics from this show at Lori Baily’s site here Download even on the little things of life.

Update 2: After getting a bunch of requests, here’s another track from the show:
[audio:|titles=Cuts You Up (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]
Cuts You Up (Live)
[audio:|titles=Transmission (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]
Download: Peter Murphy – Transmission (Live Joy Division Cover)

The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – Buffalo, NY – 7/11/90

Peter Murphy
Buffalo, NY

This is truly a completest recording only 대항해시대2 외전. It sounds like someone used the cheapest cassette player ever and had it in their jacket the whole time. Even after some heavy EQing, this Peter Murphy recording doesn’t do the guy justice doom. The one thing positive thing I can say about it is that it’s a great song selection.

Set List:
1. A Strange Kind Of Love
2. All Night Long
3 download t map map. The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth…
4. Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
5. Low Room
6. Cuts You Up
7. Seven Veils
8. Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem
9 한국어 스페인어 사전. His Circle And Her’s Meet
10. Fun Time
11. Time Has Nothing To Do With It
12. Roll Call

Sample: [audio:|titles=Cuts You Up (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Buffalo, NY – 7/11/90 – 398 MB

The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – Toronto, Canada – 2/19/87

Peter Murphy
RPM Fantasy Club
Toronto, Canada

This is the best early Peter Murphy concert I’ve come across Download the editor. One of the highlights is definitely “Secrets” which I haven’t heard on any other live recordings.

Set List:
1. Blue Heart
2 카카오스토리 이미지. The Light Pours Out Of Me
3. God Sends
4. She’s In Parties
5. Secrets
6. The Answer Is Clear
7. Never Man
8 삼시세끼 어촌편. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
9. Tale Of The Tongue
10. Kick In The Eye
11. Final Solution

[audio:|titles=Tale Of The Tongue (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Toronto, Canada – 2/19/87 – 315 MB

Peter Murphy – Japanese Interview (Video)

gta5 온라인 다운로드

[flv: 426 320]

Peter Murphy – Interview
Japanese Television
1986 Download The Walking Dead Season 6 4?

This is a hilarious (and long, about 9 minutes) awkward interview with Peter Murphy broadcast on Japanese television around the time that “Should The World Fail To Fall Apart” came out Download The Galea Roll.

Download: Peter Murphy – Interview (Video)

Peter Murphy – Canvas Beauty (Live)

I just converted this show from cassette this past weekend 금융계산기 다운로드. Even though it’s not the best quality recording, it’s one of the earliest solo Peter Murphy shows I’ve come across Download Minecraft Skins. This 1986 recording must have been part of the “Should The World Fail To Fall Apart” tour and as an interesting bonus, at the end of the show, Daniel Ash came out and played “The Three Shadows, Part 삼성 스토어. 2” with Peter as an encore.
[audio:|titles=Canvas Beauty (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]
Download: Peter Murphy – Canvas Beauty (Live)