Peter Murphy
RPM Fantasy Club
Toronto, Canada

This is the best early Peter Murphy concert I’ve come across. One of the highlights is definitely “Secrets” which I haven’t heard on any other live recordings.

Set List:
1. Blue Heart
2. The Light Pours Out Of Me
3. God Sends
4. She’s In Parties
5. Secrets
6. The Answer Is Clear
7. Never Man
8. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
9. Tale Of The Tongue
10. Kick In The Eye
11. Final Solution

[audio:|titles=Tale Of The Tongue (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Toronto, Canada – 2/19/87 – 315 MB


  1. Hi. First of all I just wanted to say thanks for posting this.

    I have been a religious Peter Murphy fan since my teens and I believe this to be his finest live recording. I thought Bauhaus’ “This is for When” was a good concert, but this one may be even better. I have always felt that his 1986 album, “Should the World Fail to Fall Apart”, was an artistic failure (not counting the track Final Solution). However, somehow, amazingly, he redeems every song on that album in his live performance of the material. It’s a MYSTERY to me why that album had such a vanilla, Mister Mister, cheeseball sound and how this concert absolutely friggin’ rocks–using the same band and all the same songs.

    I first heard a portion of this concert on the Indigo Eyes 12″, including the track missing from this concert recording (Confessions). The live tracks on that single are amazing quality, they absolutely fill a room when you play the record. It makes me wonder if the master recording of this show is still kicking around somewhere. Obviously it existed at one point because it was used to press the record. If so, then the case absolutely needs to be made for an official commercial release of this show. It corrects the errors of his 1986 record and is a big bright spot on his early solo career.

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