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Peter Murphy – Final Solution (Club Mix)

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This song was released on CD as part of the Japanese only “Composition” box set Download inexhaustible. Since I think I have everything in the set on vinyl, I could never justify paying the ridiculous sum it’s going for when it comes up on eBay. Two versions of this 12″ were released, with the only difference between the two being the cover and one version includes “Final Solution (Third And Final Mix)” instead of the (Full Version) I downloaded it four times in a row. One thing I never noticed until I was scanning in the cover of the 12″ was that Daniel Ash plays guitar on this track.
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Peter Murphy – The Sweetest Drop (Live Video)

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Peter Murphy – The Sweetest Drop
The Dennis Miller Show

I’ve always been amazed how strange bands get booked on regular late night talk shows 마이크로소프트 ms office 다운로드. I never watched The Dennis Miller Show, so I had no idea that Peter Murphy made an appearance back in 1992 until I saw it on someone’s trade list Download Grey's Anatomy Season 15.

Download: Peter Murphy – The Sweetest Drop