Peter Murphy
Pipers Club
Rome, Italy

I have yet to come across an earlier Peter Murphy solo show than this one from Italy. There are a couple of recordings from July of ’86 floating out there but the quality all of the ’86 shows, including this one, are average at best.

1. Canvas Beauty
2. The Light Pours Out of Me
3. God Sends
4. Confessions
5. She’s In Parties
6. Should the World Fail to Fall Apart
7. The Answer Is Clear
8. Spirit
9. The Passion of Lovers
10. Never Man
11. Blue Heart
12. Kick In The Eye (Cut)

[audio:|titles=Confessions (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Rome, Italy – 5-28-86 – 316 MB


  1. thanks for this!
    yeah, not sure why there were never any great PM recordings from the late Eighties…i’ve got an OK Feb-87 show from the US but i KNOW i’ve seen earlier ones around. I’m still looking for a complete, quality Deep show.

  2. all’s quiet on the Peter Murphy front as far as that NYC show from the last tour ever being released. is there a statute of limitations on how long to wait before posting the full gig?

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