Peter Murphy – Transmission (Live Joy Division Cover)/Cuts You Up (Live)

I attended the second New York show of Peter Murphy‘s current Retrospective tour Bayer sheet music. Peter Murphy seemed to be in good spirits and was uncharacteristically chatty with the audience – taking questions, riffing on Americans accents (with demonstrations – very funny), and when asked who he would vote for, even stumped a bit for Obama 삼성 고객센터. His levity must have given him some legs because he played for two solid hours with highlights being Bauhaus tracks off of “Go Away White” and this cover of Joy Division‘s, “Transmission” Download Redio. (I have posted several Joy Division covers on this site and am gladly keeping the string going.) Before playing “Transmission”, Peter Murphy gave a shout out to Peter Hook who was in the audience and performed the song with a good approximation of the Ian Curtis style right-angle-arm rag-doll dance ncurses 다운로드. It ruled.

All in all a great, fun, good spirited show. During the show, I found myself coming to the conclusion that “Cascade” is right up there with “Deep” and “Holy Smoke” in dibs for best PM album Download New West Organic7 6. Sole honors would probably go to “Holy Smoke” if it weren’t for ‘Sweetest Drop’ – the only Peter Murphy song that will get me up out of a chair to hit skip Download Sony Soundforge.

On a side note, (if I recall correctly) he also played “She’s in Parties” and “Burning from the Inside” and was filming the show for a DVD Canon Service Tool. Keep your eyes open for that. Also I didn’t opt for the VIP ticket that included a “Meet and Greet”. Chime in if you went. I am a bit curious how that went Download the Solidarity Guarantee.

Update: Check out more pics from this show at Lori Baily’s site here Download even on the little things of life.

Update 2: After getting a bunch of requests, here’s another track from the show:
[audio:|titles=Cuts You Up (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]
Cuts You Up (Live)
[audio:|titles=Transmission (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]
Download: Peter Murphy – Transmission (Live Joy Division Cover)