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Christian Death – Unknown Track (Master of the Art of Destruction?!?)
Knitting Factory
New York City, NY

When I think of the worst bands of all time, the names Christian Death and Eric Clapton leap immediately to mind. While a college dj at WRVU I got stuck reviewing numerous Christian Death cds . I remember listening to their cds with my head on my desk just begging against all hope that there were curse words early in a majority of the tracks so I could mark “do not play” and skip to the next god-forsaken track.

For whatever reason, some 10 years later Christian Death come to NYC and I felt oddly compelled to see the band that afflicted so much torment – a band that so large in their terribleness that they could single handedly torpedo the credibility of a whole genre. So last week I go to their show and expected to have their status as worst band ever, confirmed. Sadly they weren’t quite as awful as I remember, terrible yes, criminally boring, yes, but not THE worst band ever, so Eric Clapton has sole dibs on that distinction. Congrats Eric. Although, Christian Death, to their credit, did make a strong case for themselves by not avoiding having the continuous looping projection show highly inappropriate WTC bombing footage while the female bassist sang a randy little tune about “feeding her kitty”.

This track seemed to be the best of the lot. Enjoy.

Download: Christian Death – Unknown Track (Live Video)


  1. What original members are still in the band these days? I think their best effort was Only Theatre of Pain with Rik Agnew (of DI fame)and Rozz Williams. Their sound changed a lot after that album.

  2. LOL… I was wondering at which point the fact that Rozz dead sometime ago appear in the comments.
    Valor was the other singer at CD. With RW though was the best era of CD

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