Terminal Export
Nancy, France

After a bit of EQ-ing, this average sounding audience early Stereolab recording turned out pretty good. They must have been trying out some of the songs that would eventually make their way on the “Mars Audiac Quintet” lp. No idea on how generated this cassette was, but seeing that it made it’s way from France all the way to my hands in Los Angeles, I’m assuming it’s 3rd or 4th.

Set List:
1. French Disco
2. Jenny Ondioline
3. Our Trinitone Blast
4. Ronco Symphony
5. Transporté Sans Bouger
6. John Cage Bubblegum
7. Lo Boob Oscillator
8. Super Electric
9. Golden Ball

[audio:|titles=Transporte Sants Bouger (Live)|artists=Stereolab]

Download: Stereolab – Nancy, France – 3/15/94 – 244 MB


  1. Yes, some good tunes like Jenny or Golden Ball. I have plenty of concert of that era, some masters taped by my ol good friend tranhead. Really cool!

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