The Monday Set: Peter Murphy – Buffalo, NY – 7/11/90

Peter Murphy
Buffalo, NY

This is truly a completest recording only 대항해시대2 외전. It sounds like someone used the cheapest cassette player ever and had it in their jacket the whole time. Even after some heavy EQing, this Peter Murphy recording doesn’t do the guy justice doom. The one thing positive thing I can say about it is that it’s a great song selection.

Set List:
1. A Strange Kind Of Love
2. All Night Long
3 download t map map. The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth…
4. Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
5. Low Room
6. Cuts You Up
7. Seven Veils
8. Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem
9 한국어 스페인어 사전. His Circle And Her’s Meet
10. Fun Time
11. Time Has Nothing To Do With It
12. Roll Call

Sample: [audio:|titles=Cuts You Up (Live)|artists=Peter Murphy]

Download: Peter Murphy – Buffalo, NY – 7/11/90 – 398 MB