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The Cure – MTV Rocumentary (Video)

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The Cure – MTV Rocumentary

Yesterday’s ‘That Was Then… This Is Now,’ Vintage Video post on the wonderful Slicing Up Eyeballs was inspiration for this post 위퍼블. I recorded this off of MTV around the time Disintegration was released. It’s a half hour (22 min. without commercials) documentary of Robert Smith, the band and Tim Pope talking about the history of The Cure during the filming of the video for the song Lullaby 윈도우즈 무비 메이커. There’s a lot of interesting commentary about Tim’s longstanding video making relationship with The Cure as well as stories about the recording of Disintegration Do you hear mr.

Download: The Cure – MTV Rocumentary (Video)


The Cure – Prayers For Rain (Live Video)

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The Cure – Prayers For Rain
Vorst Nationaal
Brussels, Belgium

The ultimate 3 disc set of Disintegration was released this week in the US Download Radio Three Kingdoms. I’ve been having a great time listening to all of the demos/outtakes/live tracks. Disintegration was the very first CD that I ever bought, but of course, I had to have it on vinyl (picture disc, none the less) and it’s still one of my favorite records of all time 정통맞고 2012. And here is a live clip from the Disintegration tour.

Download: The Cure – Prayers For Rain (Live Video)


Tricky – Love Cats (Live)

Last week I posted a track from the Tindersticks show that is the odds favorite to be my best show of the year Download the Hancom dictionary. On the other hand, I hopefully won’t find a show this year that is more disappointing than this recent one by Tricky. The show started auspiciously with this track where Tricky’s cracker-jack band and female back-up (ostensibly) vocalist lead this groovy take on this The Cure song, which features Tricky murmuring to decent effect in the background Remember you downloaded ost. What I didn’t realize at that point, however, is that the vocals in this track ended up being 1/4 of the vocal duties that Tricky would utter for the total rest of the set 유튜브 mp4 고화질. I would go so far to say that if Tricky was paid $10 for each unique word sung that night he would have walked out of there with under $200 유튜브 방송. So, get this, for the remainder of the set while the rest of the band played “Karmacoma” and the like, with vocals taken on by an increasingly overworked ‘back-up’ singer, Tricky would thrash his head back and forth trance-like only to stop and pull off mary-ju-wana cigarette 위퍼블. This went on for an hour. I was pretty livid at that point that Tricky could phone it in for a whole set.

But wait. Tricky was not done download ida pro. After a full set of not performing, Tricky has the gall to show up for an encore where he did ramble on an initial track, which was probably just to prevent the audience from storming the stage and stealing equipment to compensate for the wasted $40 paid for the ticket 자바 컴파일러. He than proceeded to ‘perform’ for another 45 minutes which ended up being more of the same of him loving his bad self. Towards the end of this, and to add insult to injury, the band breaks into “Ace of Spades”, which if Tricky laid into it, would have killed, but no, the back-up vocalist, would fill the vocal duties while Tricky walked around the audience hugging people and posing for pictures from people’s cellphones baby shark mp3.

In sum, I suspect Tricky didn’t even perform a single song worth of vocals over the course of the whole near two hour show 제이쿼리 파일. Like I said, the band and deputized lead vocalist were damn good, but even so, I couldn’t enjoy the show with the band’s namesake dicking around onstage (and off) for 2 solid fucking hours 영화 48m. Even if he bothered to sing just a handful of songs, much would have been forgiven.

Conclusion: Tricky can eat a dick.

Like I said, here is probably the best performance of the night which highlights the wasted potential of what could have been a pretty wicked good show.

[audio:|titles=Love Cats (Live)|artists=Tricky]

Download: Tricky – Love Cats (Live)

The Monday Set: The Cure – London, UK – 3-11-79

The Cure
The Marquee
London, UK

This is a fantastic early set by The Cure 태양은 가득히. Even though I prefer the Faith/Seventeen Seconds era stuff, this has some really early tracks that were only found on demos.

1 다영씨 다운로드. 10:15 Saturday Night
2. Accuracy
3. Grinding Halt
4. Another Day
5. Object
6. Subway Song
7. Foxy Lady
8. Meathook
9 php 7 다운로드. Three Imaginary Boys
10. Boys Don’t Cry
11. Plastic Passion
12. Fire In Cairo
13. It’s Not You
14. Do the Hansa
15 방탄소년단 뮤직비디오 다운로드. Killing an Arab
16. 10:15 Saturday Night

Sample: [audio:|titles=Object (Live)|artists=The Cure]
Object (Live)

Download: The Cure – London, UK – 3-11-79 – 266 MB


The Cure – Kyoto Song (Live)

I caught the Radio City show of The Cure on their recent pass through NYC this June Download Season 1 for the wife. The show was a marathon of old and new that lasted three (!!) hours.

As usual, new songs were highlights (for me anyway) as well as “Catch” and a bit to my surprise “Killing an Arab” Download Song Yu-geun's thesis. I remember reading in Rolling Stone magazine probably 15 years ago that Robert Smith stopped playing “Killing an Arab” due to it being perpetually misinterpreted – boneheads calling him a fascist or whatever 무료 피피티 템플릿. I wonder at what point he determined that the idiot quotient was low enough for him to dust off the song to play live again and not receive undeserved retard blow-back Download Mac Webhard. (if anyone knows, please chime in)

You know, I could have asked him that question myself some years ago when I had one of my better celebrity ‘run-ins’ 롤 영상 다운로드. I used to walk across Central Park South everyday to get to and from work in Midtown. One day, probably after after-work drinks, I had to micturate like a fiend windows 7 64bit iso 다운로드. Being the super-genius that I am, I figured I could nip into one of the several hotels along Central Park and use their ‘facilities’, not realizing that these hotels are among the swankiest in NYC Download groupware as a fee. I believe I wisely chose The Lenox, who, naturally, would be very accommodating to a jack-nut off the street; “Hey man where can I drain the main vein around here?” Perfectly timed, just as if I was a very astute concierge, as I opened the front door, out comes Robert Smith 세바시. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be bothered and cruised in and paced the lobby only to find out fairly quickly (remember I am a super-genius) that finding a place “to walk the lizard’ in a hotel of this caliber was untenable 영화 박화영. Once it seeped in that I had just brushed shoulders with R. Smith himself, however, it gave me enough adrenaline to exit the premise and continue on to a less tony of a locale…or maybe I just wet myself Download Samsiseki Fishing Village 2. I don’t remember.

Anywho, this show at Radio City was great but I have one pet peeve. Why on earth would someone with the stature of The Cure not have a factotum to play synth parts. The canned synth segments, although few, put a bit of a damper on an otherwise killer show.
[audio:|titles=Kyoto Song (Live)|artists=The Cure]
Download: The Cure – Kyoto Song (Live)


The Glove – Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)

My absolute favorite of all The Cure re-releases has been Blue Sunshine by The Glove 4 downloads of Kang Restaurant 2. As much as I like the tracks as they are, my favorite songs off the original were the ones sung by Robert Smith. So when the re-released disc came out, I was thrilled that they included not only “new” old songs, but also the demos that Robert sang on 데드 스페이스. This song was originally sung by Budgie’s (drummer of Siouxsie and The Creatures) girlfriend and former dancer, Jeanette Landray 프레디 피자 가게 1.
[audio:|titles=Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)|artists=The Glove]
Download: The Glove – Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo)

The Cure – At Night (Live Video)

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The Cure – At Night
Salle Europa
Metz, France

This was a request that I was more than happy to fulfill Maria. I can’t think of any other era Cure that I would have liked to have seen more than this one. The intensity of this performance is unbelievable n드라이브 탐색기 다운로드. If you look back in the archives of TSOI you can find another clip from this same show.

Download: The Cure – At Night (Live Video)


The Cure – Siamese Twins (Live Video)

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The Cure – Siamese Twins
BBC2 Television

Robert Smith was approached by Nicholas Dixon, a choreographer with the Royal Ballet, to write the music for “Les Enfants Terrible.” Before committing, he tried out a Cure song, “Siamese Twins“, on BBC2’s “Riverside” television program 토트넘 본머스. I saw this on YouTube a while ago, but I recently got this much improved copy.

Download: The Cure – Siamese Twins (Live Video)

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Edsel – Plastic Passion (The Cure Cover)

Download a drop in one second

About a year ago I posted Chisel doing a cover of The Cure’s “Six Different Ways.” Just last week I got an e-mail from someone who wanted me to post the Edsel cover from the same compilation I downloaded it. Both songs were released on the “Give Me The Cure” benefit cd on Radiopaque Records in 1995 and has been long out of print. The cd featured eighteen Washington D.C 공룡메카드 34화 다운로드. bands doing The Cure covers, with varying degrees of success, in order to help AIDS research.
[audio:|titles=Plastic Passion |artists=Edsel]
Download: Edsel – Plastic Passion (The Cure Cover)

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The Cure – Splintered In Her Head (Live Video)

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The Cure – Splintered In Her Head
Salle Europa
Metz, France

Faith era Cure is by far my favorite Download the Eclipse package. Footage from that tour is fairly scarce, but this concert from 1981 in France was put up on DAD a couple of months ago. It’s fairly crummy black and white footage, but it’s still great 다음지도 오프라인.

Download: The Cure – Splintered In Her Head (Live Video)