The Cure – Kyoto Song (Live)

I caught the Radio City show of The Cure on their recent pass through NYC this June Download Season 1 for the wife. The show was a marathon of old and new that lasted three (!!) hours.

As usual, new songs were highlights (for me anyway) as well as “Catch” and a bit to my surprise “Killing an Arab” Download Song Yu-geun's thesis. I remember reading in Rolling Stone magazine probably 15 years ago that Robert Smith stopped playing “Killing an Arab” due to it being perpetually misinterpreted – boneheads calling him a fascist or whatever 무료 피피티 템플릿. I wonder at what point he determined that the idiot quotient was low enough for him to dust off the song to play live again and not receive undeserved retard blow-back Download Mac Webhard. (if anyone knows, please chime in)

You know, I could have asked him that question myself some years ago when I had one of my better celebrity ‘run-ins’ 롤 영상 다운로드. I used to walk across Central Park South everyday to get to and from work in Midtown. One day, probably after after-work drinks, I had to micturate like a fiend windows 7 64bit iso 다운로드. Being the super-genius that I am, I figured I could nip into one of the several hotels along Central Park and use their ‘facilities’, not realizing that these hotels are among the swankiest in NYC Download groupware as a fee. I believe I wisely chose The Lenox, who, naturally, would be very accommodating to a jack-nut off the street; “Hey man where can I drain the main vein around here?” Perfectly timed, just as if I was a very astute concierge, as I opened the front door, out comes Robert Smith 세바시. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be bothered and cruised in and paced the lobby only to find out fairly quickly (remember I am a super-genius) that finding a place “to walk the lizard’ in a hotel of this caliber was untenable 영화 박화영. Once it seeped in that I had just brushed shoulders with R. Smith himself, however, it gave me enough adrenaline to exit the premise and continue on to a less tony of a locale…or maybe I just wet myself Download Samsiseki Fishing Village 2. I don’t remember.

Anywho, this show at Radio City was great but I have one pet peeve. Why on earth would someone with the stature of The Cure not have a factotum to play synth parts. The canned synth segments, although few, put a bit of a damper on an otherwise killer show.
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Download: The Cure – Kyoto Song (Live)