Last night I was supposed to go to Spaceland to see an old friend’s band The Prids. Joey, the drummer of The Prids, played in the very first band I was ever in. We also played in a couple of other bands over the years, so it’s always nice to see him and catch up and he’s still one of my favorite drummers out there. Unfortunately, before the show I got this message:

Our dear friends The Prids – David, Mistina, Joey and Maile – and two of their significant others – Kristin and Chris – were in a serious accident early Sunday evening while en route to Los Angeles on tour.

A tire blew and they lost control of the van and it rolled several times. David was airlifted from the scene of the crash, he suffered a broken collar bone, broken ribs and has 6 staples in his head. He is still in the hospital. Everyone else has been released from the hospital. Chris broke his arm, and may have spinal injuries. Maile has a broken vertebra and toe and a severe cut with stitches on her knee. Joey broke ribs, Mistina suffered a concussion, and as far as I know Kristin is in similar shape. They are currently staying at a hotel in Fresno.

A special paypal account has been set up to help out and donate directly to The Prids. They need help getting home and paying their hospital bills. If you can’t help out monetarily, please repost this info on your blogs, etc. Thanks!

You can send money using paypal directly to “”.

So help them out if you feel so inclined. And if you haven’t heard them, here’s one of my favorite songs off their latest record.
[audio:|titles=The Glow |artists=The Prids]
Download: The Prids- The Glow


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