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The Cure – Bird Mad Girl (Demo)

Four new Cure reissues are being released today and I’ve been looking forward to them for months office home and business 2010 다운로드. Each of the disks are remastered and have a second disk that includes studio and home demos as well as live recordings. Quite a few of the demos have been released on bootlegs over the years, but these recordings come directly from Robert Smith’s personal collection 잠복근무. This demo from “The Top” sessions was released on the “The Top Studio Demos” bootleg which has good, but not great sound so I’m really looking forward to the “official” release Download Street Fighter.
[audio:|titles=Bird Mad Girl (Demo) |artists=The Cure]
Download: The Cure – Bird Mad Girl (Demo)


The Cure – Play For Today (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

The Cure – Play For Today (Live Video)
The Barrowlands Ballroom
Glasgow, Scotalnd

I was always disappointed because the first time I saw The Cure live was on the “Wild Mood Swings” tour Oletv. I can’t imagine how amazing it would have been to see them touring for “The Top.”

Update: I was wondering why so many people were watching The Bratmobile video all of the sudden…I copy and pasted from that post and forgot to change the link Download the free movie. The link to The Cure video is now working.

Download: The Cure – Play For Today (Live Video)


Chisel – Six Different Ways (The Cure Cover)

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This song was released on the “Give Me The Cure” benefit cd on Radiopaque Records in 1995 제너레이션 오브 카오스. The cd featured eighteen Washington D.C. bands doing Cure covers in order to help AIDS research. The cd also includes other great covers by Tuscadero, Shudder To Think, Frodus, and Edsel 이클립스 neon. This is a great cover of one of my favorite songs off of “Head On The Door.”
[audio:|titles=Six Different Ways |artists=Chisel]
Download: Chisel – Six Different Ways (The Cure Cover)

The Cure – Throw Your Foot (Demo)

The B-sides for “The Top” singles were some of my favorite songs The Cure released Download The Scholar's Hometown. I remember listening to the b-side of my “Standing On A Beach” cassette over and over until it finally got eaten by my cassette deck. A couple of years ago I came across “The Top Studio Demos” on cd which apparently is sourced from a vinyl bootleg Download this jay. Although it’s disappointing that “Dressing Up” wasn’t included, I was thrilled that they included “Throw Your Foot”. I can’t wait until “The Top” gets the Deluxe Edition treatment Bad Detective.
[audio:|titles=Throw Your Foot (Demo)|artists=The Cure]

Download: The Cure – Throw Your Foot (Demo)


The Cure – Play For Today (Rehearsal)

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When The Cure reissued Faith as a double cd set, I was surprised this song wasn’t on it Conan free. This version of Play For Today is from a rehearsal session in 1979. I almost like it better than the version they ended up releasing on the record.
[audio:|titles=Play For Today (Rehearsal)|artists=The Cure]

Download: The Cure – Play For Today (Rehearsal)

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