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Young the Giant: Island/My Body (Live)

Young the Giant
23 March 2011
Chelsea’s Cafe
Baton Rouge, LA

Special guest post by Carlie oracle.dataaccess.dll 다운로드!

Drawn in by the infectious radio hit “My Body,” we decided to give Young the Giant a go, lining up at Chelsea’s with Baton Rouge’s hipster community late this past month 땅파기 광물무한. We were surprised by the band’s knowledgeable instrumentation, the clever use of vocal trickery, and the “haunting falsetto” of the singer, Sameer Gadhia 콜라주. Playing most of their self-titled EP, the band’s energetic performance had the crowd swaying and singing along. The Orange County natives have a obvious camaraderie on-stage and a great time playing together, as evidenced by the photo above Download The Tiger Butterfly Boyby. The Giant guitar sounds are reminiscent of U2, while the overall sound has a more light and airy Walkmen-quality 문정아중국어 강의. The soaring vocals and ceaseless melodies will be sure to please if you are looking for a good-time, toe-tapping sound. For more info, check out this 4-1/2 star rated review of their first album Download EuroTruck 2.

Download: Young the Giant: Island/My Body (Live)

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The Monday Set: Twin Shadow – New Orleans – 4/7/2011

Twin Shadow
One Eyed Jacks
New Orleans, LA

Twin Shadow opened up for fellow Brooklyners Pains of Being Pure at Heart on their current national tour Download the typeface of Gyeonggi Do. I have to admit I didn’t know much about these guys, and what there is online tends to emphasize the role of singer-guitarist George Lewis, Jr 카카오 비디오. But the crowd was totally into them and were dancing up a storm (see Carlie’s photo, above). What you have here is essentially the bulk of the new TS album, called Forget Brain God7. This album was produced by one of the guys from Grizzly Bear, but it bears no real resemblance to that band’s style.

I’ll also say that I think this is one of the best-sounding recordings I’ve done to-date.  One Eyed Jacks is my favorite venue in NOLA, and the sound was terrific that night Advertising Information Center.

1. Shooting Holes
2. Tyranny Destroyed
3. When We’re Dancing
4. I Can’t Wait
5. Slow
6 Download the wedding dress. At My Heels
7. Castle in the Snow
8. Forget

Download: Twin Shadow – New Orleans – 4/7/2011 – 191 MB

Sample: Forget (Live)
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Killing Joke: Love Like Blood, Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove, Change (Live)

Normally, I hate when an old school band plays a show and subjects us to every track on their new (usually not so good) album vworld 지도 다운로드. Strangely enough, the opposite was the case with this Killing Joke show. In 2010, Killing Joke released their first album by the original line-up since 1982’s Revelations Download onbead. The album is called Absolute Dissent, and it is absolutely fucking brilliant from top to bottom. Inspired by and dedicated to former bass player Paul Raven, who passed away in 2007,  the album is a combination of the many different styles that Killing Joke has adopted throughout their 30+ year career Download the syllabus of mathematics.

The last time I caught Killing Joke was in 2008 when they did a 2-night stand at this same venue, focusing one show on their first 2 albums and the other show on their mid to late-90s material 이데아 apk. So as far as I was concerned, the band was free to play whatever they wanted, hopefully leaning heavily on Absolute Dissent. What I got was a mix of Absolute Dissent and the first 2 albums, with some perennial KJ favorites thrown in Download Snapit. The band sounded great, though I think the guitar was a bit low in the mix.  The only complaint I have is that they didn’t play “The Raven King” which is my favorite track off the new one Download Need for Speed MostOnet.

Post- show, I linked up with TSOI operative Avalanche for some adult beverages at a watering hole conveniently located next to the backstage entrance to Irving Plaza Download Everyday Gothic. After about an hour or so, Jaz and Geordie happened to exit, so I decided to go in for the autograph. I grabbed some paper from my bag that turned out to be my homework for the class I was taking at the time download slack. I ended up with some scribble that I can’t really decipher, (Geordie wrote something about “Spacial Awareness”, Jaz wrote “You Will Succeed”…I think) 스페인어. They weren’t exactly traditional autographs, but when you’re a founding member of Killing Joke, you can write whatever the fuck you want on my HVAC Design homework angularjs 엑셀 다운로드.

Even though there are literally 5 million recordings of “Love Like Blood” live (I counted), I included it because scientific studies have conclusively proven that it’s pretty much the best song ever written. I’ve also posted “Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove” off the new one as well as the classic “Change” from the debut album.

Irving Plaza 12/03/10
Tomorrow’s World
Love Like Blood
In Excelsis
Absolute Dissent
European Super State
This World Hell
The Fall of Because
Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove
The Great Cull
The Wait


Download: Love Like Blood (Live)

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Download: Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Live)

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Download: Change (Live)

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The Monday Set: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11

Raphael Saadiq
Grammy Museum Clive Davis Theater
Los Angeles, CA

I heard about a special Raphael Saadiq “American Express Card Holders Only” BS show that was going on at the Grammy Museum the day tickets were going on sale 층간소음. Trying my luck, I busted out my corporate card (the only AmEx I have) and prayed to the Ticketmaster gods I would be one of the chose ones. As luck, and a $19 service fee would have it, I got through Download the hymn ppt. For my effort, we were treated to a special Q&A session and then a short set featuring tracks off the forthcoming record in a very intimate 200 person theater CPR video. The downside is that they had about 7 people watching the crowd to make sure you weren’t taking pictures or recording the set. I set my recorder on the floor, so the quality of this recording pretty much sucks, but I figured I would share it anyway Assassin's Book. I can’t speak for the other 198 people who were there, but we thought it was an amazing evening.

1. Heart Attack
2 fine 다운로드. Radio
3. Day Dreams
4. Just Don’t
5. Stone Rollin’
6. Good Man

Download: Raphael Saadiq – Los Angeles – 3/23/11 – 146 MB

Sample: Heart Attack (Live)
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OMD: History of Modern-Part 1, Talking Lound and Clear (Live)

OMD, the UK based new-wave pioneers and all around synth pop greats, debuted their first release way back in 1978 on Manchester’s renowned Factory Records y2k. Their new album, The History of Modern – a slab of amped-up blood-rushing synth washes – is so good that it makes their storied back catalog obsolete – well, to me anyway mirror dlc 다운로드. As with some of the recent Echo and the Bunnymen releases, OMD’s new one makes listening to their great back-catalog seem comparatively, and improbably, thin – that is, I am far more excited by their current work than their past, however good, work 로제타 스톤 다운로드. This new album, number two on my 2010 best-of list, has all the great synth-based hooks of classic OMD, but refined and updated to create a whole new OMD synth frontier Remote server file. With so many young bands lifting from OMD and their early new-wave peers, it must be a bit frustrating that the most forward sounding (at least while The Knife are MIA) keyboard based band in 2010/2011 is the one that pretty much defined the genre 30 years ago 거짓의 윤무곡 다운로드.

As a live act, OMD has enjoyed world-wide and wide-spread success with the exception being the US, hence their over 20 year absence 핀터레스트 보드. They apparently had no interest in lugging over their vintage keyboards to play small clubs. Based on inter-song banter before “Talking Loud and Clear” (see below) at their first US show in New York earlier this month, they were genuinely relieved that people bothered to show up at all and pretty much giddy that tickets sales were such that the show sold out even after a venue capacity upgrade 50가지 그림자 해방 다운로드. Andy McCluskey, lead vocalist and bassist, feared aloud during the show that they expected to take a $100k hit coming to the US. With the success of their US show, and with a string of shows at SXSW, OMD intends to make another go of the US in the fall with an expanded stage show wko4.

To all the upstart keyboard based bands, be sure to go check out these shows to see how it should be done, and how keyboards are supposed to sound Disaster Movie 2012. I would go so far as to say that any keyboard purchase should come with mandatory OMD ‘How-To’ tutorial.

Here is a killer new track and an old gem as performed at OMD‘s recent New York show Download old song mp3.

NYC Setlist:
New Babies: New Toys
Tesla Girls
Radio Waves
History of Modern (Part I)
If You Leave
Joan of Arc
Maid of Orleans
New Holy Ground
Talking Loud Clear
So in Love
Sister Marie Says
Seven Seas
Enola Gay

Milky Way

Download: History of Modern-Part 1 (Live)

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Download: Talking Lound and Clear (Live)

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Kitten: Chinatown (Live)

Time for new tights?


Kitten is currently opening for Young the Giant’s national tour 공게임 다운로드. This track, from their Sunday School EP, was recorded at Chelsea’s in Baton Rouge last Wednesday. I don’t know terribly much about them, except they’re from Los Angeles (any dirt, Kevin?) Download the drive photo. They are pleasantly high-energy pop, quite enjoyably reminiscent of Baton Rouge’s own We Landed on the Moon 구글 드라이브 동기화 다운로드. Their pint-size vocalist, apparently an indie-rock prodigy, channels a spastic Karen O and steals the show a bit with her antics — climbing all over the band’s gear, shaking her head violently, literally swinging from the rafters gt designer3 got2000 다운로드.

(I really do love the fan’s comment at the very beginning of this track in response to the singer’s low-key “…and…we love Louisiana.”)

Download: Kitten: Chinatown (Live)

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Robyn: Be Mine, Indestructible, Konichiwa Bitches (Live)

Up until quite recently, I vaguely remembered Robyn from hearing her song “Show Me Love” some time ago and passing it off as another forgettable song by one of the many interchangeable female pop stars that have dominated the pop culture landscape since the dawn of the music video download mbc news videos. I also remember seeing her getting “interviewed” by Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show a couple years ago and getting the impression that she was pretty clueless and humorless hls 스트리밍 다운로드. Needless to say, I went into 2010 with a pretty low opinion of her.

I heard that for the past couple years, she had more or less abandoned the prefabricated pop stylings of her early material in favor of working with artists with some serious indie cred such as Royksopp and The Knife 슈프림팀. I decided to give her new “Body Talk” 3-part album an unbiased spin and found myself thoroughly enjoying the material. The music is still unabashedly full on pop, but there’s something non-pretentious and honest about the way Robyn delivers her newer music 윈도우 서버 2012 r2. Despite the fact that most of her songs are about being in, wanting to be in, getting out of, or regretting ending a relationship, I’m able to look past the banality of the lyrics and still get down with the music Download gunga mp3.

Still, I had reservations about her live show. Based on the small amount of intel I have gleaned from awful, terrible, not good mainstream pop stars like Katy Perry and her ilk, I braced myself for an obnoxious stage production big on eye candy and low on substance google play services sdk 다운로드. Backup dancers, choreographed dancing, an excessively large band, and worst of all, lip synching. Fortunately, I was way off again. Robyn capped her band member limit with a totally manageable number: 4 팟플레이어. 2 synth players, 2 drummers, and her. That was it. And they sounded really fucking good.

Included here is “Indestructible”, “Konichiwa Bitches”, and an extremely kick ass version of “Be Mine” Pastel Capri.

Terminal 5 Nov. 10, 2010
Cry When You Get Older
Dancing on My Own
We Dance to the Beat/Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
Love Kills
The Girl and the Robot
Dream On
With Every Heartbeat

Encore 1
U Should Know Better
Konichiwa Bitches
Hang With Me
Be Mine

Encore 2
Dancehall Queen
Dancing Queen
Show Me Love

Download: Be Mine (Live)

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Download: Indestructible (Live)

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Download: Konichiwa Bitches (Live)

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The Monday Set: Air Miami – San Francisco – 10/11/94

Air Miami
The Bottom Of The Hill
San Francisco, CA

Here’s one of the better live Air Miami recordings I’ve come across Download Kim Yun-ah's voice. It was recorded in San Francisco during the ’94 Teen Beat Circus tour which also featured a special one-off performance by Cath Carroll Download ninjago games.

1. Stop Sign
2. Bubble Shield
3. Neely
4. Pucker
5. Airplane Rider
6. Special Angel
7 Download Sibelius. Adidas My Ass
8. I Hate Milk

Download: Air Miami – San Francisco – 10/11/94 – 172 MB

Sample: Airplane Rider (Live)
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The Stone Roses: Here It Comes (Live Video)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayer” file=”” plugins=”/jwPlayer/viral.swf” viral.title = “The Stone Roses: Here It Comes””3-11-11″ viral.description=”First off I have to get this out of the way love yourself in seoul 다운로드. I cannot believe this was recorded nearly 30 years ago. Though their debut album which rocketed them into fame didn’t come out for another 4 years after this was recorded””The Sound Of Indie” viral.functions=”share, embed, info”]

Here It Comes
The Hacienda
Manchester, UK

First off I have to get this out of the way 황금나침반. I cannot believe this was recorded nearly 30 years ago. Though their debut album which rocketed them into fame didn’t come out for another 4 years after this was recorded, the track sounds really polished and close to it’s final form Bell Pepperstarter.

Download: The Stone Roses: Here It Comes (Live Video)

The Monday Set: Acid House Kings – New York City – 7/8/06

Photo Taken From The Always Great Bradley’s Almanac

Acid House Kings
Cake Shop
New York City, NY

Acid House Kings released a new single earlier this month and have a brand spanking new LP set to drop later this month Legal download of Korean Broadcasting. One of TSOI’s writers (Avalanche) caught Acid House Kings on their last US tour nearly 5 years ago. Here’s a recording of one of their two NYC dates back in 2006 네임드 사다리 분석기 다운로드.

Download: Acid House Kings – New York City – 7/8/06 – 164 MB

Sample: Yes 지저스 크라이스트 수퍼스타! You Love Me (Live)
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