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In the past couple of months there has been an outbreak of schools selling, or attempting to sell, their college radio broadcast license. The University of San Francisco recently sold their KUSF license and Vanderbilt University's WRVU is currently on the chopping block. It's a continuing trend which absolutely must stop (More...)

Rammstein: Feuer Frei, Haifisch (Live)

Rammstein sold out Madison Square Garden. In 15 minutes. I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. I suppose it is a testament to the law of “supply and demand” being that it was Rammstein’s 1st U.S. show in 10 years. But still, this is Rammstein we’re talking about (More...)

Chairlift: Take It Out On Me (Live)

Chairlift is a Colorado sourced outfit that relocated to Brooklyn several years ago. As has been noted here a time or two, any Male/Female vocal pairing, ala Human League, is almost always a good idea particularly with a synth-pop new wave type sound as Chairlift has, but is one that is effectively exploited. (More...)