Kitten: Chinatown (Live)

Time for new tights?


Kitten is currently opening for Young the Giant’s national tour 공게임 다운로드. This track, from their Sunday School EP, was recorded at Chelsea’s in Baton Rouge last Wednesday. I don’t know terribly much about them, except they’re from Los Angeles (any dirt, Kevin?) Download the drive photo. They are pleasantly high-energy pop, quite enjoyably reminiscent of Baton Rouge’s own We Landed on the Moon 구글 드라이브 동기화 다운로드. Their pint-size vocalist, apparently an indie-rock prodigy, channels a spastic Karen O and steals the show a bit with her antics — climbing all over the band’s gear, shaking her head violently, literally swinging from the rafters gt designer3 got2000 다운로드.

(I really do love the fan’s comment at the very beginning of this track in response to the singer’s low-key “…and…we love Louisiana.”)

Download: Kitten: Chinatown (Live)

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