Young the Giant: Island/My Body (Live)

Young the Giant
23 March 2011
Chelsea’s Cafe
Baton Rouge, LA

Special guest post by Carlie!

Drawn in by the infectious radio hit “My Body,” we decided to give Young the Giant a go, lining up at Chelsea’s with Baton Rouge’s hipster community late this past month. We were surprised by the band’s knowledgeable instrumentation, the clever use of vocal trickery, and the “haunting falsetto” of the singer, Sameer Gadhia. Playing most of their self-titled EP, the band’s energetic performance had the crowd swaying and singing along. The Orange County natives have a obvious camaraderie on-stage and a great time playing together, as evidenced by the photo above. The Giant guitar sounds are reminiscent of U2, while the overall sound has a more light and airy Walkmen-quality. The soaring vocals and ceaseless melodies will be sure to please if you are looking for a good-time, toe-tapping sound. For more info, check out this 4-1/2 star rated review of their first album.

Download: Young the Giant: Island/My Body (Live)

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