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The Rondelles – Rediscover Fire (Live)

Part 3 of 5 in the Teen Beat 26 Anniversary Showcase: Teen Beat Week 크롬 이전버전!

As noted in the pre-Teen Beat showcase show as featured on TSOI, The Rondelles were one of the big surprise treats for me Is chinese is downloaded. These cats beat Best Coast to the punky ’60s girl-group styled paeans to boys, romance, and fast cars by a solid decade. If you are currently groovin’ to the new Best Coast album Crazy for You (and you should), you owe it to yourself to take a look at Fiction Romance, Fast Machines and The Fox by The Rondelles dial pad.

The previous Rondelle’s post featured a live track from Fiction Romance, Fast Machines, “Mission Irresistible” 놈 놈놈 ost 다운로드. Included here is a track from their second album, The Fox.

Download: The Rondelles – Rediscover Fire (Live)

[audio:|titles=Rediscover Fire (Live)|artists=The Rondelles]

Bossanova – It’s You They Want (Live)

Part 2 of 5 in the Teen Beat 26 Anniversary Showcase: Teen Beat Week Sorry city!

Since bands are hyped-up so early these days it is always shocking to discover a fully-formed band that has been around awhile without having to suffer through its awkward proto-band stage 진국님 롬. Halfway through the set of Bossanova I couldn’t help thinking, where on earth did these guys come from and why have they not crossed my radar at least once 이직확인서? And how on earth are they the first one to snap up that band name?

Bossanova reminded me a bit at times of The Smithereens and The Aluminum Group – that is to say, a band with nicely fully formed pop songs Blank space. From what I have heard of their 2006 debut album, Hey, Sugar, and from what I have gleaned from what little there is out on this band, this album is a bit of a hidden gem Pink Pong Fairy Tale.

I suggest you go out there and give it a looksie. It is available on eMusic.

BTW: I gave the name of this song a solid guess, but I am not sure 미국에서 멜론. Please correct me if I am wrong. Yip, I was wrong. Thanks to Chris for the update intell.

Download: Bossanova – It’s You They Want (Live)

[audio:|titles=It’s You They Want (Live)|artists=Bossanova]

Cotton Candy – Jingles + Fanci Pantz (Live)

Part 1 of 5 in the Teen Beat 26 Anniversary Showcase: Teen Beat Week 항공사진!

The DC/Cambridge based label Teen Beat held a short six day East Coast tour celebrating Teen Beat’s 26th year of purveyors of the best in indie rock 그린북 다운로드. Each of the dates on the tour had wildly differing line-ups with the only constant being Unrest headlining each of the proceedings. I was only able to make it to one of the three NYC area shows and therefore missed the show that included Tuscadero 포켓몬스터 썬앤문. (plaintive scream: “Whyyyyy!”) The line-up I did catch was nonetheless wall-to-wall great – the July 9 show at The Bell House:

This whole week (5 days only – we be lazy) will feature the first TSOI week-long label showcase 테두리 양식. Let’s call it Teen Beat Week! In this case, all the bands that played at this one particular show.

In the order that they played a song will be featured from each of the Teen Beat showcase bands each day this week with Friday ending with the (ohh baby) penultimate post, Unrest!:

Be sure to check in daily for the next Teen Beat installment Download the Goblin Script.

Cotton Candy :

I was no fool and thereby made a point to show up to the Teen Beat showcase frightfully early as to not miss Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurly’s project Cotton Candy 체크리스트. The original material of Cotton Candy is great as one would expect if you are familiar with Mark’s other bands (Unrest, Air Miami, Flin Flon, etc..) 펭귄브라더스. [Ed Note: Now if you are not familiar with Unrest, Air Miami, Flin Flon etc then God have pity on you and go out there and rectify that stat!] 레지던트 이블 1 다운로드.

One can be more readily forgiven for not being too familiar with the great original songs of Cotton Candy since they are a bit obscured as they are tucked in a sea of renditions of jingles 기타프로 무료 다운로드. I have been listening to Cotton Candy’s Top Notch & First Rate this week and really dig it, in particular since Mark has gotten his paws on a drum-machine, which reap further rewards by encouraging Mark to do his robot-dance when performing live Download windows 7 sp2. The point is, Cotton Candy is not to be ignored. Note the TSOI Cotton Candy post earlier in the year.

Download: Cotton Candy – Jingles + Fanci Pantz (Live)

[audio:|titles=Jingles + Fanci Pantz (Live)|artists=Cotton Candy]

Aluminum Group – Love Action (I Believe In Love)

Yesterday was the legendary decision declaring California’s Prop 8 ban on gay marriage unconstitutional Download The English Dictionary apk. People here in Los Angeles are celebrating it in different ways. Some are going to parades, some are eating vegetables longer than 2″. I decided to celebrate by doing the most gay thing I could think of, listen to the entire Aluminum Group discography 신 도라에몽. While going through all the their songs I had (and supplementing them with a few on the Hype Machine), I had forgotten that they were on the “Reproductions: Songs of The Human League” compilation 8th album of MC The Max. Check out this fantastic cover of one of my favorite Human League songs and if you’re still in the mood for more Aluminum Group covers, look back in the archive for their take on Sweet Child O’ Mine 화이트앨범2.

Download: Aluminum Group – Love Action (I Believe In Love) (Human League Cover)

[audio:|titles=Love Action (I Believe In Love) (Human League Cover)|artists=Aluminum Group]

Reverend Horton Heat – I’m Mad, It’s Martini Time (Live)

I had never been to the Highline Ballroom, but knew you could catch Kanye West and other mainstream acts play “secret” shows here…if you’re cool enough to get invited. The sound was good, but the venue itself felt a little too upscale to host a real rock n roll show download naver videos. Especially with beers at the very un-rock n roll price of $8. I wasn’t a fan of the candle-lit VIP table service going on upstairs either, but that’s just me Download KakaoTalk Psa.

Of course, none of that mattered to the Reverend Horton Heat. They came out and played a blistering 2 hour set covering a song or two from all their albums (except for 2000’s overlooked “Spend a Night in the Box”) 수업 종소리. I was especially stoked to hear rarely played gems “I’m Mad” and “Love Whip.” The sparse crowd on this night did little to dampen the intensity, and the band played the room like it was packed to the gills kt music. After the show, the band stayed on stage and signed autographs and took pictures for whoever asked. 

Highline Ballroom 05-27-10

– Reverend Horton Heat’s Big Blue Car
– Now Right Now
– I’m Mad
– Callin’ in Twisted
– Indigo Friends
– Galaxy 500
– Bales of Cocaine
– It’s Martini Time
– Big Little Baby
– Psychobilly Freakout
– Ain’t No Saguaro in Texas
– Drinkin’ And Smokin’ Cigarettes
– Rural Point of View
– Please Don’t Take the Baby to the Liquor Store
– Death Metal Guys
– Love Whip
– Rock the Joint
– Big Sky
– Baddest of the Bad
– Five-O Ford
– 400 Bucks
– Jimbo Song
– The Devil’s Chasin’ Me

– Big Red Rocket of Love
– Folsom Prison Blues
– Big Red Rocket Of Love (Reprise)

Download: Reverend Horton Heat – I’m Mad (Live)

[audio:|titles=I’m Mad (Live)|artists=Reverend Horton Heat]

Download: Reverend Horton Heat – It’s Martini Time (Live)

[audio:|titles=It’s Martini Time (Live)|artists=Reverend Horton Heat]

The Monday Set: Bear In Heaven – Los Angeles – 7/27/10

Bear In Heaven
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA

Bear In Heaven came through Los Angeles last March with Cymbals Eat Guitars but I greatly underestimated the popularity of the two groups and the show ended up selling out before I bought tickets Cultshow Legends collection mp3. Determined to not make the same mistake again, I purchased tickets to last week’s Bear In Heaven show far in advance. That proved to be a good call since the show ended up selling out (again) Download the laptop files. Those fortunate enough to purchase advance tickets were treated to one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. And though I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I don’t think anyone enjoyed it as much as the young lady (and I use the term “lady” loosely) who kept asking the band about mustache rides throughout the set Download the map of Jeju Island.

1. Beast In Peace
2. Ultimate Satisfaction
3. Wholehearted Mess
4. Fake Out
5. Dust Cloud
6 xp 네트워크 드라이브 다운로드. Lovesick Teenagers
7. Deafening Love
8. Drug A Wheel
9. You Do You
10. Bag Of Bags
11. Casual Goodbye
12. Lovesick (Lindstrom & Christabelle Cover)

Sample: [audio:|titles=Lovesick Teenagers (Live)|artists=Bear In Heaven]

Download: Bear In Heaven – Los Angeles – 7/27/10 – 277 MB