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Since bands are hyped-up so early these days it is always shocking to discover a fully-formed band that has been around awhile without having to suffer through its awkward proto-band stage. Halfway through the set of Bossanova I couldn’t help thinking, where on earth did these guys come from and why have they not crossed my radar at least once? And how on earth are they the first one to snap up that band name?

Bossanova reminded me a bit at times of The Smithereens and The Aluminum Group – that is to say, a band with nicely fully formed pop songs. From what I have heard of their 2006 debut album, Hey, Sugar, and from what I have gleaned from what little there is out on this band, this album is a bit of a hidden gem.

I suggest you go out there and give it a looksie. It is available on eMusic.

BTW: I gave the name of this song a solid guess, but I am not sure. Please correct me if I am wrong. Yip, I was wrong. Thanks to Chris for the update intell.

Download: Bossanova – It’s You They Want (Live)

[audio:|titles=It’s You They Want (Live)|artists=Bossanova]


  1. Hi thanks for this. The song is called ‘It’s You They Want’. I guess the subtitle could be Veronica…

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