Part 3 of 5 in the Teen Beat 26 Anniversary Showcase: Teen Beat Week!

As noted in the pre-Teen Beat showcase show as featured on TSOI, The Rondelles were one of the big surprise treats for me. These cats beat Best Coast to the punky ’60s girl-group styled paeans to boys, romance, and fast cars by a solid decade. If you are currently groovin’ to the new Best Coast album Crazy for You (and you should), you owe it to yourself to take a look at Fiction Romance, Fast Machines and The Fox by The Rondelles.

The previous Rondelle’s post featured a live track from Fiction Romance, Fast Machines, “Mission Irresistible”. Included here is a track from their second album, The Fox.

Download: The Rondelles – Rediscover Fire (Live)

[audio:|titles=Rediscover Fire (Live)|artists=The Rondelles]

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