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The Monday Set: Jonathan Fire*Eater – Cincinnati – 7/24/97

Jonathan Fire*Eater
Sudsy Malone’s
Cincinnati, OH

We had a request a couple months back to post this show for someone who had the great fortune of actually being in attendance 신나는 트로트. I saw Jonathan Fire*Eater a couple of times on this same tour, once in Seattle at a bizarre club with the widest yet narrowest stage I have ever seen and also at the 400 Club in Minneapolis 108 x music. Enjoy this set from what was nearing the end of their reign as one of the most influential bands of the ’90s.

1 bts 콘서트 다운로드. No Love Like That
2. These Little Monkeys
3. Search For Cherry Red
4. The Shape of Things That Never Come
5. When Prince Was A Kid
6 Cretaceous-era. Give Me Daughters
7. I’ve Changed Hotels
8. A Night In The Nursery
9. Station Coffee
10. The Public Hanging of a Movie Star
11 피케이. When The Curtain Calls For You

Sample: [audio:|titles=When Prince Was A Kid (Live)|artists=Jonathan Fire*Eater]

Download: Jonathan Fire*Eater – Cincinnati – 7/24/97 – 260 MB

Lush – Ladykillers (Live Video)

ios 인증서 다운로드

[flv: 426 320]

Lush – Ladykillers
Hotel Babylon

This is a Lush performance on a UK show called “Hotel Babylon” 이력서 자기소개서. I wasn’t able to find any info about the show, the only info that came up for “Hotel Babylon” was a BBC drama from 2004-2009. That would have been awesome if they wrote Lush into an episode Download the gif image. Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten the can had they done that.

Download: Lush – Ladykillers (Live Video)


Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs, Tombstone (Live)

The bowling alley / concert venue presents a quandary for the concertgoer Download HomePackbuzz. While it may provide an interesting environment in which to see a band, there are also many negatives which tend to detract from the concert experience Download Kuroko's basketball theater version. Chief among these negatives is that half the audience is there to bowl and hang out with their friends, and could care less about whatever artist is performing on any given night 경기도 지도 다운로드.

This was my first experience at Brooklyn Bowl, one of the two bowling alley / concert venues that I am aware of (Asbury Lanes in NJ being the other) 도박묵시록 다구리. I knew the place was a pretty happening location and always had a steady stream of national acts coming through. Unlike Asbury Lanes, where the bands play on a stage set up over the lanes, Brooklyn Bowl has a stage and floor set up in the back of the venue Download Nero Express. This helped to keep most unwanted interlopers from invading my precious concert space. Unfortunately, a group of Ed Hardy / bowling enthusiasts who were at the venue this night set up their base of operations near where I was standing Download more jersey. They conversed very loudly during the show, presumably about various strategies to get laid. But never mind them, I was here to see a show.

Midnight Juggernauts took the stage, fittingly, a little after midnight 버드리 그집앞 mp3 다운로드. While the band is only a trio, they had enough instruments with them to satisfy a small orchestra. The two non-drumming members took turns switching between keyboards, guitars, basses, vocals, and even drums 인터넷 익스플로러 유튜브. While James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business,  Midnight Juggernauts may be the busiest on stage 판타스틱 포츈. The extremely poor acoustics of Brooklyn Bowl did little justice to the bands’ mix of indie and electro rock, and I doubt the band won any new converts that night, but I can confidently declare they are a band I will be checking out live many more times 드림위버 cs3. And you should too. Hopefully at a legitimate full-time concert venue.

Included here is “Vital Signs” from the Crystal Axis and “Tombstone” from their debut album Dystopia.

Brooklyn Bowl 07-24-10

Winds of Fortune
Too Many Frequencies
Vital Signs
Cannibal Freeway
This New Technology
Road to Recovery
Into the Galaxy

Ending of an Era

Download: Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs (Live)

[audio:|titles=Vital Signs (Live)|artists=Midnight Juggernauts]

Download: Midnight Juggernauts – Tombstone (Live)

[audio:|titles=Tombstone (Live)|artists=Midnight Juggernauts]

Vic Godard – Blackpool

Though I came late to the game when it comes to my appreciation of Vic Godard, I’ve had a great time tracking down a lot of his back catalog Download the latest version of Apache. With a musical style varying wildly from release to release, I’ve always found myself attracted to Vic’s jazz standards-esque songs from the early 80’s 용하형경. In his latest endeavor, Vic teams up with author Irvine Welsh to release this EP from their 2003 musical of the same name. I am first and foremost not a “musicals” fan, but I’m really enjoying this track 신서유기4 1화. Vic also has a new LP coming out October 11th, so be on the lookout for that as well.

[audio:|titles=Blackpool|artists=Vic Godard]

Download: Vic Godard – Blackpool


Faster Pussycat – Bathroom Wall (Live)

I can only think of one time when I have been so compelled to go out and see a band that is firmly planted in the Heavy Metal/Hair Metal arena 브루탈 둠 다운로드. Guns and Roses – once during the second run of the ‘Use Your Illusion’ Tour and once a few months before Chinese Democracy was released ( see post)- is the only metal band that I went on my own exclusive volition to pay good money to see h 264 codec. The sole non-GnR exception is the recent Faster Pussycat show. Admittedly though, I probably would not have bothered if I didn’t know that Taime Downe was a solid contributor to Pigface Download mnet mp3. [For the sake of full disclosure, I did also see Van Halen with David Lee Roth a few years ago, but the ultimate decision to go was under duress or at least very heavily influenced by others.]

With most of the titans of the metal genre (the successful ones anyway) becoming bloated and progressively uncool (Motley Crue, Metallica, GNR, etc) it was nice to see Faster Pussycat have the appropriate ‘look’ along with drug-induced sunken faces to lead me to believe these dudes are the real thing Download puppy music. Who cares if the vocalist Taime Downe is the only original member? The team who were up there nicely fit the bill of what a heroin-chic glam-metal band should look like 시에라. Furthermore their sound was as filthy as their look and a much improvement over the 80s recorded output (as I recall it anyway). Good show.

Download: Faster Pussycat – Bathroom Wall (Live)

[audio:|titles=Bathroom Wall (Live)|artists=Faster Pussycat]

The Moools – いるいらない (Live)

갤럭시 앱 다운로드

Tokyo’s The Moools opened on Wolf Parade’s recent North American tour.  They are well-known to aficionados of the Pacific Northwest music scene, having been strongly associated with K Records and opening for Modest Mouse and Quasi at various times.  The title of this song, the closer from their set in suburban Cincinnati, is “I Do Not Need That” (at least, according to Google Translate).  It starts off more quietly than the other songs they played that evening, but ends up in the chaotic sprawl that seems characteristic of their style 스텝업5.

Front man Yasuaki Sakai won over the crowd halfway through the set when he explained, slowly and in halting English, that they had come from a very long way away, and that their luggage was very heavy, and they had carried it all the way from Japan, so…”please, buy our stuff.”  He repeated this last line several times 기상청 다운로드.

Download: The Moools – I Do Not Need That (Live)

[audio:|titles=I Do Not Need That (Live)|artists=The Moools]

Post 1,000!

Crack open the Boones because this is The Sound of Indie’s 1,000th post Catchme If You Can!

Long before iPhones, and Androids, and Twitter, there was my simple idea for a daily mp3 blog that would feature rare music that I had collected over the years design resume. Along the way, I started featuring videos, then added a writer, then started featuring entire concerts, then added a few more writers, and here we are nearly 5 years later 거칠마루 다운로드. And although I personally think that TSOI should be one of the most read sites out there, the people that do stumble across our little corner of the net are extremely appreciative, often even sending in contributions of their own Download The Mystic Apartment GhostHunter. All I can say is I owe an extreme debt of gratitude to the 4 people who have joined me in posting over the past couple of years. Frankly, if it wasn’t for them taking on such a huge part of the load and contributing such great content, this site would have never seen it’s 1,000th post 무료음원. I also wanted to thank the readers who have consistently come back, commented and provided me with some amazing music that I would have never gotten otherwise (I’m looking at you James and Steve) 항공사진.

Here’s to the next 1,000.

The Monday Set: Faith No More – Brooklyn – 7/5/10

Faith No More
Williamsburg Waterfront
Brooklyn, NY

Faith No More was a band I was obsessed with for the majority of my formative years, since they released 1992’s “Angel Dust” (the greatest hard rock album of all time, at least in this writer’s humble opinion) 판타스틱 포츈. I used to drop copious amounts of money on every import, single, and bootleg that my local CD shop owner could order, amassing quite an impressive collection in the end 드림위버 cs3. Unfortunately, due to my parents’ restrictive anti-school night concertgoing policies and FNM’s policy of only playing the Northeast on weekdays, I was only able to catch them live on their final tour in 1997, when they finally played NYC and Philly on a weekend 상속자들 19회. It was awesome. Making it extra awesome was getting to watch openers Limp Bizkit get booed off stage halfway through their set at the Philly show Share Excel. Faith No More broke up shortly afterwords, and we started seeing other people, moved on with our lives and expected to never see each other again Download Warner One's 12th Star.

Fast forward to early 2009. From out of nowhere (pun intended), Faith No More put out a press release stating that they were back together and preparing to tour the world 세벌식. I was ecstatic. Then I waited…and waited…and waited for North American dates. Finally after a year of seeing the band post shows for every corner of the globe except for North America and Antarctica, I got not one, but TWO dates in my Brooklyn neighborhood Download php apk. I kind of expected them to announce a full North American tour, but it turned out in the end that Coachella, 3 nights in San Fran, 2 Brooklyn dates and 1 night in Philly were all that their homeland was getting Download the scan program. I thought it was kind of a dick move, but what do I care, Faith No More was playing 2 shows in Brooklyn!

I was rewarded handsomely for my dedication Download Samsung Browser YouTube. The two Brooklyn shows featured two radically different setlists. Faith No More is one of the only bands (in the non-dirty hippy jam band category) that is actually capable to not using a setlist and just playing whatever they feel like Download Sandol Cinema Theater. The sets focused on a couple songs from each era, with a healthy dose of the wacky cover songs the band is known for (see Michael Jackson’s “Ben”, the Bee Gees’ “I Started a Joke”). Vocalist Mike Patton was his usual spastic, over the top self, and his stage banter is 2nd only to the Jesus Lizards’ David Yow in high-larity. I especially appreciated him referring to the audience as a bunch of “fucking hipsters”.

Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain audio evidence for the July 5th show, and even then I missed the encore due to dead batteries in my recorder (which seems to be a bit of a pattern around here lately). So now I present to you, in it’s entirety…sort of, Faith No More July 5th Williamsburg Waterfront:

July 2nd Setlist
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Ashes to Ashes
I Started a Joke
King for a Day
Just a Man

Be Aggressive

We Care a Lot

July 5th Setlist
Midnight Cowboy
The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Land of Sunshine
The Crab Song
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Last Cup of Sorrow
Chinese Arithmetic
Midlife Crisis
Digging the Grave
Ashes to Ashes
King for a Day
Just a Man

I Started a Joke
As the Worm Turns
We Care a Lot


Sample: [audio:|titles=The Real Thing (Live)|artists=Faith No More]

Sample: [audio:|titles=The Crab Song (Live)|artists=Faith No More]

Download: Faith No More – Brooklyn – 7/5/10 – 499 MB

Unrest – Cherry Cream On (Live)

Part 5 of 5 in the Teen Beat 26 Anniversary Showcase: The dramatic conclusion to Teen Beat Week here at TSOI! 고교처세왕 다운로드!

The flagship band of Teen Beat records, Unrest was the headliner to each of the six 26th Anniversary shows. Unrest’s first cassette came out in 1985 (!?!) but hit their stride in the early ’90s and whose sound can be heard in the indie-verse everywhere I'll listen to you. I read somewhere that Unrest’s Imperial f.f.r.r (1992) provided a nice guitar/drum razor precision counter-point to the ramshackle guitar/musicianship of early ’90s slop guitar ala Pavement outlook 2010 32bit 다운로드.

These days you can hear little aspiring Mark Robinson’s wrecking their pick-hands trying to out jangle the pro. Good luck with that 윈도우7 ultimate k.

Well I hope you liked Teen Beat Week as much as we did.

Download: Unrest – Cherry Cream On (Live)

[audio:|titles=Cherry Cream On (Live)|artists=Unrest]

Versus – Gone To Earth (Live)

Part 4 of 5 in the Teen Beat 26 Anniversary Showcase: Teen Beat Week 카카오페이지 pc 버전!

I missed a fair amount of the Versus set. That is too bad since from what I am reading, their new album On the Ones and Threes seems to be stealing a bit of thunder from Arcade Fire’s new long player Download the live score. From the buzz that the new album is generating, I can suggest that you should give it a spin as it seems to be mentioned already as a 2010 standout.

I was fortunate to get what I did, as from what I did hear from their set, this song, off of the new album, was a stand-out to these untrained (to Versus anyway) ears 4 downloads of Production 48.

I suspect this is the first live recording of “Gone to Earth” you are likely to hear so soak it in.

Download: Versus – Gone To Earth (Live)

[audio:|titles=Gone To Earth (Live)|artists=Versus]