The Monday Set: Unwound – Hartford – 4/7/95

West Indian Social Club
Hartford, CT

The overall feeling I get from this Unwound recording is that it was a “paying your dues” type of show, opening for Fugazi 마이크로소프트 ms office 다운로드. This short set was played to what sounds like a very unappreciative crowd who were more interested in Ian and co. bringing the rock than a more-mellow-than-average Unwound set Download Grey's Anatomy Season 15. The recording volume fluctuates greatly, but check out the early version of Next Exit with completely different lyrics.

Track listing:
1 튼튼영어 베이비리그. Demolished
2. Descension
3. Disappoint
4. Next Exit
5. Devoid

Download: Unwound – Hartford – 4/7/95 – 139 MB

Sample: Demolished
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