French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (Live)

French Horn Rebellion are an outfit whose name surfaced on my radar as a result of CMJ 2010, although, I didn’t get a chance to see them until afterward Download part 3 of Jojo. As far as I have gathered, they are djs, producers, and a live act that tread largely in blood-rushing thump-thump dance party vein of indie rock. Appealing to the inner dance demon in the indie rock scene is nothing new since electro-clash and DFA have long made it safe to move the feets while enjoying an independent band 크롬os.

A major gripe of mine with indie dance music is certainly not with the quality of the bands, but with the general quality of the recorded output Download prototype 2. Many keyboard-based bands that sound absolutely killer live turn thin and uninspiring on record. By and large, indie production has not suited indie electro keyboard/dance bands well 원피스 전편. Hopefully that is going under revision with recent output from FHR. FHR have clearly payed due attention to Georgio Moroder, Quincy Jones, as well as House Music/electronic production in processing instruments and vocals for separation, depth, as well as using House music tropes to add drama and well-executed wallop (when needed) to a recording 윤고딕 200. FHR‘s “Beaches and Friends” features so many turntable and production tricks it would be a mess if in less skilled hands 바로고 다운로드. I very much recommend that you search out FHR‘s “Beaches and Friends” single as well as the FHR remix of Savoir Adore‘s “Bodies” Download the msdn library.

Here is a FHR performing live at a recent show in Brooklyn. All of the dance tropes are there – the rolling bass, the hand-raising synth washes, the angelic female backing vocals, and, in this case, the busting out a sweet french horn solo for some analog zing 트레드스톤.

Download: French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (Live)

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