Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire, Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution (Live)

For those who aren’t familiar with Cut Copy, you probably should be. While the “electro/new wave/synth-pop” formula has been done over and over again to the point of death, then done some more, Cut Copy manages to do it better than just about everyone else in the business while managing to keep it fresh sounding.  Originally starting out as a project of Australian DJ Dan Whitford, the lineup has been expanded to a 4-piece in recent years, and are now billed as a full-fledged band. Heaps of much deserved critical and commercial praise has been lavished upon the band in their 10-year existence, and through it all they have kept a rigid independent streak: the band has repeatedly turned down offers to tour with much larger acts such as Lady Gaga and Nine Inch Nails.

This show was part of the free “Pool Party” concert series that takes place in Brooklyn every summer, which is just one of the many concert related perks I get to benefit from by living in the borough. The band has been holed up in the studio working on it’s follow up to 2008’s In Ghost Colours for the past year and a half, but made the trek to the U.S. to play this past summer’s Lollapalooza in Chicago. On the way back home, the band decided to pay Brooklyn a visit for a quick hour-long set. Despite having to sit through the obnoxious house DJs they had as openers, I was still thoroughly entertained by the band’s all too brief set, and it was nice to get a preview of some tracks from the bands upcoming release months in advance.

You should definitely check out the band’s new album “Zonoscope” which is due for release next month. Although you could probably acquire it now if you know which websites of ill repute to download it from.

Lights and Music
Far Away
Where I’m Going
That Was Just a Dream
Feel the Love
So Haunted
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution
Hearts on Fire

Sands of Time
Out There on the Ice

Download: Cut Copy: Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution (Live)

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Download: Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire (Live)

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  1. quality tracks mates. any chance u have that whole gig n r willing to put it on the net?? 😀 if not thats no drama. cheers dude

  2. i do have the whole gig, but the other tracks are of a much lower quality due to people conversing around me during the set. wouldn’t mind sharing if you have somewhere to upload to. i don’t know much about sharing files unfortunately.

  3. oh wicked. well i prefer mediafire for file sharing. just google mediafire n follow the prompts. nothing to it mate 🙂 probably easier if u put all the tracks in a zip file n upload it that way. cheers man 🙂

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