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The Pulsars – Deep Sea Diving Suit (Live)

The Pulsars made a rare NYC appearance opening for Wye Oak and Field Music (who canceled) at The Bellhouse in Brooklyn net transport 다운로드. I didn’t get “the skinny” on why The Pulsars showed up in NYC, but it seems that the show was for someone’s birthday, since The Pulsars and Wye Oak repeatedly mentioned it, saying things like “Thanks for having us out and Happy Birthday” 빛의 물리학 다운로드. I wonder what it would be like to have the clout to say, “hey Pulsars dudes, its my Birthday, why don’t you come to NYC and play” and actually expect them to come out authentic mahjong. That would be sweetness.

What is sweetness is when a true TSOI favorite like The Pulsars crosses streams with another TSOI favorite Expect girls' day. In this case, The Pulsars covered The Magnetic Field’s Deep Sea Diving Suit, which is among the very best MF songs amd catalyst control center. The lyrics were muffed a bit in this cover, but nonetheless, a much welcomed bonus to an otherwise unexpected treat of a show.

Ed Note: The Magnetic Field’s have announced that they will drop another (what camping icon! what!) album, “Realism” in January 2010! HouseofTomorrow for deets.

[audio:|titles=Deep Sea Diving Suit (Live)|artists=Pulsars]

Download: Pulsars – Deep Sea Diving Suit (Live)

The Monday Set: The Pulsars – Los Angeles – 7/27/09

The Pulsars
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA

I caught The Pulsars here in LA last week but while recording the show I made a big time rookie mistake windows 10 lts 다운로드. I’ve been using a Shure SM57 w/a mini-disc recorder as my rig for the past couple of years. A few months ago the SM57 took a turn for the worse, so I’ve been using a SM58 knock-off by Fender (I’m still waiting for a good recording solution for the iPhone which will hopefully happen soon) Age of Civilization. Unfortunately, this Fender mic has an on/off switch and apparently while I was jumbling around with it I turned the switch off. I realized it about halfway into their second song Dell Laptop Driver. Ooops. Regardless, it’s still a great recording (including a Magnetic Fields cover!) and I consider myself very lucky to have The Pulsars as a “local band.”

1 Download Terminator 5. Wisconsin (Missing)
2. Runway (Cut)
3. Owed to a Devil
4. Submission Song
5. Silicon Teens
6. Deep Sea Diving Suit (Magnetic Fields Cover)
7 장범준 봄비. Technology
8. My Pet Robot
9. Suffocation
10. Das Lifeboat
11. Tunnel Song

Sample: [audio:|titles=Deep Sea Diving Suit (Live Magnetic Fields Cover)|artists=The Pulsars]

Download: The Pulsars – Los Angeles – 7/27/09 – 160 MB

The Pulsars – Capsule (Demo)

Last week I got a request for the entire show that I had recorded of The Pulsars playing at Silverlake Lounge Download The Hunger Games Mockingjay. In exchange I got a .zip file full of rare Pulsars tracks including this one. Apparently this was one of the demos from the lost record that was recorded but got lost in their major label scuffle 팟빵 자동. When I saw them at the Silverlake Lounge they mentioned they were only playing songs from their first released record, I’m curious if they played anything from the unreleased record when they played The Troubadour a month or so later 환율계산기.
[audio:|titles=Capsule (Demo)|artists=The Pulsars]
Download: The Pulsars – Capsule (Demo)

The Pulsars – Suffocation (Live)

A couple of weeks ago I saw on a an e-mail that a band called “Pulsars!!!” was playing a show here in Los Angeles internet explorer 8 한글 다운로드. I figured there was no chance that it was THE Pulsars from Chicago, that it had to be some band that had never heard of Pulsars when they chose their name Caesar 3. I had heard that the Trumfio brothers joined the singer from Earlimart at a concert and did a couple of Pulsars songs a few months ago, so I knew they were floating around Los Angeles, but I didn’t expect that they would be the opening band for a free show Download the video from YouTube. I e-mailed the venue and confirmed that it in fact was THE Pulsars from Chicago and they were playing their first show in 10 years. I recorded the show which was comprised of all songs from their self-titled debut album on Alamo Records Dota 2.
[audio:|titles=Suffocation (Live)|artists=The Pulsars]
Download: The Pulsars – Suffocation (Live)

The Pulsars – Chicago Swingers

Hangul Windows 98 iso

I’m in Chicago today, so what better way to celebrate than posting a song about Chicago by a band from Chicago Download the untouchable movie. I was lucky enough to catch a The Pulsars performance before they were crushed by major label pressures. It’s too bad because they were awesome live 테일 오브 테일즈. Hopefully some day I’ll come across a video of one of their shows.
[audio:|titles=Chicago Swingers|artists=The Pulsars]
Download: The Pulsars – Chicago Swingers

The Pulsars – Silicon Teens (Full Chord Version)

The Pulsars were one of the many bands who were a casualty of signing to a major label and then having their record shelved Download Orbit. Comprised of two brothers, Dave and Harry Trumfio, along with the sequencer named “Theodore 9000,” they put out a couple of eps and one full length before their record label went under Download Korea Movie. They had a great 80’s synthpop sound, but this song which is found on the Teenage Nites 7″ is a stripped down, guitar driven version of a song that was later released on their major label debut Television.
[audio:|titles=Silicon Teens (Full Chord Version)|artists=The Pulsars]

Download: The Pulsars – Silicon Teens (Full Chord Version)