The Monday Set: The Pulsars – Los Angeles – 7/27/09

The Pulsars
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA

I caught The Pulsars here in LA last week but while recording the show I made a big time rookie mistake windows 10 lts 다운로드. I’ve been using a Shure SM57 w/a mini-disc recorder as my rig for the past couple of years. A few months ago the SM57 took a turn for the worse, so I’ve been using a SM58 knock-off by Fender (I’m still waiting for a good recording solution for the iPhone which will hopefully happen soon) Age of Civilization. Unfortunately, this Fender mic has an on/off switch and apparently while I was jumbling around with it I turned the switch off. I realized it about halfway into their second song Dell Laptop Driver. Ooops. Regardless, it’s still a great recording (including a Magnetic Fields cover!) and I consider myself very lucky to have The Pulsars as a “local band.”

1 Download Terminator 5. Wisconsin (Missing)
2. Runway (Cut)
3. Owed to a Devil
4. Submission Song
5. Silicon Teens
6. Deep Sea Diving Suit (Magnetic Fields Cover)
7 장범준 봄비. Technology
8. My Pet Robot
9. Suffocation
10. Das Lifeboat
11. Tunnel Song

Sample: [audio:|titles=Deep Sea Diving Suit (Live Magnetic Fields Cover)|artists=The Pulsars]

Download: The Pulsars – Los Angeles – 7/27/09 – 160 MB