The Pulsars
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA

I caught The Pulsars here in LA last week but while recording the show I made a big time rookie mistake. I’ve been using a Shure SM57 w/a mini-disc recorder as my rig for the past couple of years. A few months ago the SM57 took a turn for the worse, so I’ve been using a SM58 knock-off by Fender (I’m still waiting for a good recording solution for the iPhone which will hopefully happen soon). Unfortunately, this Fender mic has an on/off switch and apparently while I was jumbling around with it I turned the switch off. I realized it about halfway into their second song. Ooops. Regardless, it’s still a great recording (including a Magnetic Fields cover!) and I consider myself very lucky to have The Pulsars as a “local band.”

1. Wisconsin (Missing)
2. Runway (Cut)
3. Owed to a Devil
4. Submission Song
5. Silicon Teens
6. Deep Sea Diving Suit (Magnetic Fields Cover)
7. Technology
8. My Pet Robot
9. Suffocation
10. Das Lifeboat
11. Tunnel Song

Sample: [audio:|titles=Deep Sea Diving Suit (Live Magnetic Fields Cover)|artists=The Pulsars]

Download: The Pulsars – Los Angeles – 7/27/09 – 160 MB


  1. Hey Kevin – I would highly recommend getting one of the new portable digital recorders. I have the Sony PCM-D50 Portable Linear PCM Digital Recorder, and it was worth every penny. They really thought of everything you would need for mobile recording, including a backlight and plenty of recording space and battery life. My best musical purchase in years.

  2. I second that motion! I have the Roland R09 and it is worth every penny and gets rid the need for an external mic since the Roland internal mics will surely be better than an external Sure SM57. Here is an idea: Get the ladybird to get it for you as a late Bday present.

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