CitizenFishIn the 90s Citizen Fish, all the way from the UK, somehow thought it was worth their while to make it to South Dakota on a fairly regular basis. I sure hope that it was worth the trek and I am sure glad that they did. Since Citizen Fish was formed from The Subhumans it was pretty awesome to have a great UK punk band with first-wave UK punk pedigree playing small local shows. Last month Citizen Fish and The Subhumans came through New York for several shows this year on a combined tour. I missed most of those shows but caught a Citizen Fish only show at what was one of the very last shows at the Knitting Factory at its Tribeca location. The show was great and featured a horn section to nicely fill out their punk ska sound. Now I am wondering if Citizen Fish had horns when they played the US those years back. If anyone knows please chime in.

[audio:|titles=Sink or Swim (Live)|artists=Citizen Fish]

Download: Citizen Fish – Sink or Swim (Live)

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  1. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a horn section when they toured in ’93. Oh, I think the file might have an encoding error, great recording though!

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