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Dean and Britta – I’ll Keep It With Mine (Live Video)

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Dean and Britta – I’ll Keep It With Mine
Brooklyn, NY

Carrying on the tradition set by Luna – one that was in the range of 10 years running – Dean and Britta played a New York live show on New Years Eve 일러스트 무설치. They played some Dean and Britta songs as well as several Luna numbers including 23 Minutes in Brussels and Bewitched 영화 체인지. Dean and Britta ended the set rather ominously, in my opinion, with the Joy Division cover Ceremony. I seem to recall that Luna, when doing New Years shows, would often end on an upbeat disco cover like “Rock You Baby” Download the movie mechanics.

This is a video of a song from the “13 Most Beautiful People Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests” project that was released last year as a DVD, which if you haven’t seen yet, do yourself a favor and get it 패스트푸드 게임. This is a song that Bob Dylan wrote for Nico and therefore paired with the Nico screen test.

Ed Note: Dean and Britta topped my list of albums of the decade with L’ Avventura Download The Hangul Hitter Practice 2010. Lets hope that 2010 treats them well.

Download: Dean and Britta – I’ll Keep It With Mine (Live Video)

Avalanche: Best of the Decade

Top 20 Releases of 2000-2009

These might not be the most important or groundbreaking releases per se but these are simply the records that have become stalwarts in my music heavy rotation that purr along with classics from the 80s and 90s.

1. Dean and Britta – L’ Avventura (2002)
2. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours (2008)
3 Download the Japanese dictionary. Cinerama – This is Cinerama (2000)
4. Modest Mouse – Moon Over Antartica (2000)
5. Lungfish – Love is Love (2003)
6. Ian Brown – Music of the Spheres (2002)
7. Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit (2006)
8 Download Windows Media Player 10. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette (2006)
9. Tindersticks – Hungry Saw (2009)
10. The Natural History – The Natural History EP (2002)
11. Low – Trust (2002)
12. The Legends – Facts and Figures (2007)
13 로지텍 키보드 드라이버 다운로드. Jeremy Jay – Slow Dance (2009)
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell (2003)
15. Child Ballads – Cheekbone Hollows EP (2008)
16. The Postal Service – Give Up (2003)
17. Calla – Scavengers (2000)
18. Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000)
19 언페어. The Kills – Midnight Boom (2008)
20. Ladytron – Velocifer (2008)

Top 20 Concerts of Decade

These are the shows that most emblazoned on my retinas for whatever reason. For instance, The Modest Mouse show was soon after 911 and featured huge projections of buildings collapsing in reverse while MM performed songs from the epic celestial themed “Moon over Antarctica” algif.

Here is my top 20 best shows, and whenever there is any supporting evidence, I link to it. Enjoy.

1. Lungfish – Southpaw, NY, NY (2005)
2. Laibach – The Town Hall, NY, NY (2007)
3. Flin Flon – Luna Lounge, NY, NY (2002)
4 bad guys more movies. Fever Ray – Webster Hall, NY, NV (2009)
6. Final CBGB shows (New York Dolls, Vandals, Dead Boys, Offspring, Circle Jerks, etc) – CBGBs, NY, NY (2005)
7 에이핑크 luv. The 3 Terrors (The Magnetic Fields) – various, NY, NY (1999 – 2005)
8. The Tindersticks – Brooklyn Masonic Temple, NY, NY (2009)
9. Dean and Britta (performing Galaxy 500), The Zipper Room, NY, NY (2008)
10. The Child Ballads – Knitting Factory, NY, NY (2007)
12. Freeheat – Brownies, NY, NY (2002)
13. Wire – South Street Seaport, NY, NY (2007)
15 엑셀 매크로 파일. Siouxsie – Irving Plaza, NY, NY (2008)
16. FischerSpooner/Peaches – Terminal 5, NY, NY (2003)
18. MAKE UP – THE COOLER, NY, NY (2000)
19 Download geozebra. 7 Seconds – Webster Hall, New York City, NY (2009)
20. Suicide – Europa, Brooklyn, NY (2008)

Dean & Britta – Andy Warhol Screen Test Instrumental (Live)

Dean and Britta are doing a short tour providing live accompaniment to 13 short Andy Warhol filmed portraits, or screen tests as they are called, of various Factory-era characters like Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Lou Reed, Anthony Hopkins Dennis Hopper, and others Download the Sunmoon Special Trial. These four minute short-films provide the perfect template for Dean and Britta to provide a song-length soundtrack to each. Dean and Britta performed a few of their own songs, a few wicked good covers, a few instrumentals, and a few new songs — all killer Download Token2. The films and Dean and Britta’s Velvet Underground inspired stylings are perfectly suited together. Be sure to check it out if you can tap titans 다운로드. See for more info.

This performance, 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests will be released in February (pre-order available now at so I am posting this little funky instrumental track, as performed live, as a teaser ativ tv 다운로드. Since an official release is forthcoming, I do not intend to post the whole set to not ruin any surprises.

[audio:|titles=Andy Warhol Screen Test Instrumental (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]

Download: Dean & Britta – Andy Warhol Screen Test Instrumental (Live)

The Monday Set: Dean & Britta – New York City, NY – 8-21-08

Dean & Britta
Zipper Factory
New York City, NY

Today TSOI is featuring Dean and Britta’s August 2008 Galaxie 500 set at the Zipper Factory 이메일 파일. To regular readers, TSOI is known for taking on pet causes (See successful TSOI campaign to pressure Axl Rose to release Chinese Democracy) fl studio 무료 다운로드. In this case TSOI is making good on a threat/promise that was posted back in August 소닉 컬러즈. The long and short of it was simply to dangle the full recording as an incentive for Howard Wolfson, a TSOI reader, to make sure that his employer, Fox News, not muck up this election like the last two 테드2. Based on my gathered intel and preliminary analysis, the withholding of this Dean and Britta show was indeed instrumental in getting Fox News to toe the line a bit and in getting Obama elected 원펀맨2기 10화 자막.

I do apologize for not being faster in posting the show. Naturally, I was tempted to post this on the Wednesday after the election but then I was seized with a cold shudder that made me reconsider: the thought of Howard passing this recording to one of his nefarious colleagues 작은 별 동요. This beloved recording falling in the hands of consummate tools like Ralf Reed and Karl Rove is a risk I still can’t take lightly.
Anyway, here it is and we thank you all for your patience Download Stardue Valley pc. Enjoy.

1. Temperature’s Rising
2. Tugboat
3. Blue Thunder
4. Snowstorm
5. (chatter)
6. Hearing Voices
7 제트콜. (chatter)
8. Strange
9. Victory Garden (Red Crayola cover)
10. (chatter)
11. Fourth of July
12. Don’t Let Your Youth Go to Waste (Jonathon Richman cover)
13 Download Hotel Deluna 4. Ceremony (Joy Division cover)

[audio:|titles=Don’t Let Your Youth Go to Waste (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live)

Download: Dean & Britta – New York City, NY – 8-21-08 – 262 MB

Photo by Franck Dewannieux 창작마당.

Dean And Britta – Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live Jonathon Richman Cover)

Since the recent September 9 posts featuring a track from a recent Dean and Britta show, I have had numerous requests to post the whole set .net framework 4.7.2 다운로드. I am not going to post the set until after the Presidential elections and here is why:

Last week, I got a request, among many, from Howard Wolfson, a Fox News pundit, for a full recording of the recent Dean and Britta show (see Sept 09 post) Download large Excel files. Wolfson has also recently started a politics/music blog: .

My response:


I appreciate your interest in the Dean and Britta show and congrats on your new blog Download mesh mixer. I am in a bit of a quandary since it seems you are associated with Fox News. I, for one take to heart the simple axiom: “You are only as good as the company you keep”, which in the case of Fox News, as a company, doesn’t get any worse 화재경보음. Regardless your politically leanings or good intentions, you are simply another tool for the colossal super-conducting super-colliding horseshit/noise-generating machine that is Fox News Download the Famicom game.

So as an act of conscious, I have to respond to your affiliation with the professionally malignant entity that is Fox News and withhold the recording until after the election 360도 동영상 다운로드.

So concerning the Dean and Britta show: If Obama wins this election, you (and all TSOI readers) will get a copy of the truly sublime recording Original download of Naver tv. If, however, the unconscionable happens – that those other two are elected – no one will hear that full recording and Fox News will largely be to blame French dictionary.

All, Thanks for your patience. Fox really does ruin everything. Here is another track from the Dean and Britta show:
[audio:|titles= Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live) (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Download: Dean And Britta – Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live Jonathon Richman Cover)
[audio:|titles=You Turn My Head Around (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Bonus Download: Dean And Britta – You Turn My Head Around (Live)

Photo by Franck Dewannieux eviews 8 다운로드.

Dean And Britta – Victory Garden (Live Red Crayola Cover)

Dean and Britta are doing a show-a-month residency at the Zipper Factory in New York 80년대 히트곡 다운로드. To my surprise, the August installment featured a rare Galaxy 500 set. Over the past 15+ years, Dean Wareham has been the New York rocker laureate with his longest running band, Luna, acting as New York City’s resident house band – who played just regular enough to be criminally taken for granted ajax images. I have seen Dean Wareham, whether solo, in Luna, or most recently with Dean and Britta 20 times or so 2015 개정 교육과정 다운로드. Of all of those shows, I can think of only three Galaxy 500 songs that have surfaced in live sets. I recall Luna performing “Tugboat” and Dean and Britta recently performing “Ceremony” and “Strange” 트윈모션 무료.

This show featured ten (!!!) Galaxy 500 tunes. Needless to say, the show was sublime. Imagine sitting is a small theater listening to this set performed perfectly 반디집 구버전 다운로드. The set: “Temperature’s Rising”, “Tugboat”, “Blue Thunder”, “Snowstorm”, “Hearing Voices”, “Strange”, “Fourth of July”, Joy Division’s “Ceremony”, Jonathon Richman’s “Don’t Let Your Youth Go to Waste” and Red Crayola’s “Victory Garden” 나루토vs블리치 2.6 다운로드. It was good enough to make a grown man cry. I am sure many did. The second part of the set featured an equally killer Dean and Britta set which was just icing Download the Furesh feature. Dean and Britta might be, and this is saying a lot, my favorite Dean Wareham vehicle yet.
[audio:|titles=Victory Garden (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Download: Dean And Britta – Victory Garden (Live Red Crayola Cover)

The CMJ Roundup/The Monday Set: Dean & Britta – New York City, NY – 10/16/07

The CMJ Roundup:

Once again, upon entering the NYC College Music Journal (CMJ) marathon season, I was expecting this year to be a relative disappointment to glories of CMJs past, but once again, as in years past, I left CMJ 2007 pleasantly pleased. This year is particularly impressive since I missed half of it (ahem!) to a friend’s wedding. Even so, it was far from a disappointment as this week of Sound of Indie posts will indicate aws 키 페어 재. Each day of the week will highlight a live track/video from CMJ 2007.

The CMJ bands to be highlighted with postings this week will be: Dean and Britta, Child Ballads, Xiu Xiu, Film School, and Hot IQs, so be sure to check back every day this week.

Here is a quick CMJ synopsis in no particular order of all of the other bands I saw at CMJ this year (Note: if there is interest in any of live tracks of any of these other bands caught at CMJ, let me know and I will post them if I got them.):

HeadSet : The first band I saw on CMJ 2007 곰인코더 다운로드. I only caught one song, but based on the small sample, they sound like a cross between The Walkmen and Maroon 5.

The Picture : At every CMJ you will run into at least one over-aspiring young buck band out to prove that they are arena-rock ready-made: if you just give them a label deal, they will fill your stadiums. The Picture filled that slot this year. Needless to say they kinda sucked. They probably would be pretty good, if they weren’t trying so damn hard trying to suck 애플리케이션. An example of a similar arena-ready band of CMJ past that comes to mind was this awful band called Gay-Dad.

Rosebuds : Unfortunately I missed this band that came as a high recommend. I was too agitated in missing Child Ballads that I unnecessarily left early and missed the Rosebuds. Bummer. My wife stayed and saw them and liked them altium designer. She said they had a lot of ohhhs and ahhhs in their backing vocals. Good sign.

No Age : I caught a few of their songs at their Other Music instore performance. They seemed like fairly decent garage thrash hardcore band. A lot of jumping and leaping about.

Mika Miko: After spending all last night chilling with the Child Ballads and having to slog through work the following day, I was destroyed by the time the thrashy punk all girl Mika Miko started up for the Kill Rock Stars Showcase Download Siemens. I wasn’t too impressed with them, but I was dead tired so perhaps I should withhold judgment.

Mary Timony: This was next at the KRS showcase is another one I should perhaps withhold judgment due to my grumpy and exhausted state. Mary Timony was the lead singer in the much heralded (although I know little about) bands Helium and Autoclave. This is her new band. I believed I slept through most of her set, so I suspect that her songs are pretty mellow 크롬 네이버 블로그 동영상.

We are Wolves/Black Kids : I attempted to go to this hyped show but was bounced out. I am generally pretty good in sliming my way through guest list only events but I wasn’t on my game tonight and also there were other fishes in the sea anyway.

1990s: This is a southern rock tinged outfit from Chicago . This might have been the band if Belle & Sebastian had grown up listening to Credence…or perhaps, more accurately, 1990s are what would happen if Credence grew up listening to Belle & Sebastian 영화 엑소시스트. Although not really my thing, they were pretty good and probably worth another listen.

Let’s Go Sailing: I caught a few songs from Let’s Go Sailing and can say they seem to be pretty accomplished mellow female fronted pop song outfit that, as an informant has told me, has landed some tunes on Scrubs.

Imperial Teen : Imperial Teen are a band I have been meaning to see for quite some time and glad I finally got to it. Imperial Teen is the improbable precision pop outcome of Faith No More keyboardist Rodney Bodham Gangster Vegas Crack version. They were fun and impressed live so I will start poking into their catalog.

Autodrone: I caught a bit of Autodrone who opened the show at Europa for Child Ballads. They were a loud as hell industrial atmospherics keyboard driven electronic band. I didn’t see enough to comment on them but they seemed promising 피치퍼펙트2.

Dean & Britta

Dean & Britta
Bowery Ballroom
New York City, NY

Starting the CMJ week is a Monday set of Dean and Britta. Dean Wareham and Britta Philips are members of the mighty band Luna, that, for over 10 years, could be considered NYC’s house band and quietly knocked out album after album of psychedelic singed pop gems Download Zeus 6.0. Their breakup was much lamented here in NYC, but not by me since I saw the formation of Dean and Britta in the wings. Their first album, L’ Avventura was damn near perfect and the follow up, Back Numbers is quite good as well. Having seen them live a few times, I get actually annoyed when they play a Luna song, if only because it might be at the expense of a Dean and Britta selection. One of the highlights of this particular show was the ending Joy Division cover, “Ceremony”. What is even more impressive is that “Ceremony” was initially covered some 20 years ago by Dean’s first seminal band, Galaxie 500.

[audio:|titles=Ceremony (Live)|artists=Dean & Britta]

Download: Dean & Britta – New York City, NY – 10/16/07 – 281 MB