Since the recent September 9 posts featuring a track from a recent Dean and Britta show, I have had numerous requests to post the whole set. I am not going to post the set until after the Presidential elections and here is why:

Last week, I got a request, among many, from Howard Wolfson, a Fox News pundit, for a full recording of the recent Dean and Britta show (see Sept 09 post). Wolfson has also recently started a politics/music blog: .

My response:


I appreciate your interest in the Dean and Britta show and congrats on your new blog. I am in a bit of a quandary since it seems you are associated with Fox News. I, for one take to heart the simple axiom: “You are only as good as the company you keep”, which in the case of Fox News, as a company, doesn’t get any worse. Regardless your politically leanings or good intentions, you are simply another tool for the colossal super-conducting super-colliding horseshit/noise-generating machine that is Fox News.

So as an act of conscious, I have to respond to your affiliation with the professionally malignant entity that is Fox News and withhold the recording until after the election.

So concerning the Dean and Britta show: If Obama wins this election, you (and all TSOI readers) will get a copy of the truly sublime recording. If, however, the unconscionable happens – that those other two are elected – no one will hear that full recording and Fox News will largely be to blame.

All, Thanks for your patience. Fox really does ruin everything. Here is another track from the Dean and Britta show:
[audio:|titles= Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live) (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Download: Dean And Britta – Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live Jonathon Richman Cover)
[audio:|titles=You Turn My Head Around (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Bonus Download: Dean And Britta – You Turn My Head Around (Live)

Photo by Franck Dewannieux.


  1. Senator Obama is going to win and I look forward to listening to the tape. My larger argument is that its important for strong Democrats to appear on Fox — which has the largest audience in cable news — to make a strong case to a politically diverse audience.

  2. Howard,

    I suspect you are a good egg. All I am saying is now you have an extra incentive to do the field of journalism proud. It takes real work and discipline to be good. It is easy to wallow in the petty and sully discourse with noise. Fox News lauds the lazy and exalts the loud at the expense of real journalism. But listen, when the results come in a tie in Ohio or Florida, you be sure to be there to “call” it Obama. Remember, there is rock n roll on the line man. Keep up the good fight and all the best.

  3. The ironic thing is that Howard Wolfson is someone that actually shares your views. You may hate Foxnews, but Howard works for them in the capacity as a Democratic analyst. He provides information about the Obama campaign and gives his thoughts and opinions.

    He was one of Hillary Clinton’s top strategists and an unabashed Democrat. So it seems you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater on this one.

  4. Nice response to Fux News!

    We can’t have another four years of Republicans running the country. Please get out there and vote. It really does count.

  5. Nice. Everyone should take stands like yours. Maybe we’d be in better shape if we all responded as you do. There is no excuse for going on Fox News. To do so is to be part of the problem. In this small stand, you are part of the solution. Cheers!

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