Dean and Britta – I’ll Keep It With Mine (Live Video)

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Dean and Britta – I’ll Keep It With Mine
Brooklyn, NY

Carrying on the tradition set by Luna – one that was in the range of 10 years running – Dean and Britta played a New York live show on New Years Eve 일러스트 무설치. They played some Dean and Britta songs as well as several Luna numbers including 23 Minutes in Brussels and Bewitched 영화 체인지. Dean and Britta ended the set rather ominously, in my opinion, with the Joy Division cover Ceremony. I seem to recall that Luna, when doing New Years shows, would often end on an upbeat disco cover like “Rock You Baby” Download the movie mechanics.

This is a video of a song from the “13 Most Beautiful People Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests” project that was released last year as a DVD, which if you haven’t seen yet, do yourself a favor and get it 패스트푸드 게임. This is a song that Bob Dylan wrote for Nico and therefore paired with the Nico screen test.

Ed Note: Dean and Britta topped my list of albums of the decade with L’ Avventura Download The Hangul Hitter Practice 2010. Lets hope that 2010 treats them well.

Download: Dean and Britta – I’ll Keep It With Mine (Live Video)